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Mary waits on a dirt road for a car to pick her up. When it arrives, she gets in the back seat and blindfolds herself.

Des is doing push-ups in his prison cell.
Mary's driver helps her out of the car, still blindfolded and leads her into a building in a Mexican town.
Des is cuffed and brought out of his cell.
Mary is given permission to remove her blindfold when she enters a veterinarian's office. The vet tells her the deal is off and she insists that she isn't leaving without the sodium pentobarbital she came for. She offers more money and the driver comments in Spanish that she really needs her high. Mary clarifies that it isn't for her. She and the vet stare each other down and the vet finally hands over the drugs.
Des is facing a parole panel. He has served eight months of his twelve months and he claims to have been rehabilitated completely. He tries joking with the panel which doesn't go over well.
Mary crosses the border back into the U.S. and is sent into the secondary Customs inspection area. They search her suitcase but don't find the drugs.
She unpacks the pento in Des' apartment which she's been using as a safe house since he's been in prison. She hears a sound and sneaks towards the door just as Des jumps out wielding a metal candlestick holder. They're startled to see each other but happy nonetheless.
Des sees the pento that she's purchased in Mexico and is surprised to hear that Mary has continued the business while he's been in prison. He wants to jump back into it but Mary suggests he take some time first. He insists that the only thing that kept him focussed through his eight months in prison was the idea of getting back into the business. She relents and brings him along.
Their newest clients are Betty and Victor Lisko. Victor is dying of mesothelioma.
Des is feeling out of the loop. When he asks for the contract, Mary explains she doesn't do that anymore. When Betty hands Mary twenty thousand dollars, he asks why. Mary explains that Betty and Victor want to die together and she is going to help them to do so. Des protests that their services are only for those dying of a chronic illness. Betty insists that timing isn't going to stop her from dying with Victor, especially since Victor himself hasn't been able to talk her out of it.
Des pulls Mary out to discuss this new service. She tells him that she tried to talk Betty out of it as well but that Betty has that look that terminally ill patients have when death is the only option. Des points out that two bodies will raise suspicions and another investigation. He tells her that pushing boundaries is fine but that there are boundaries that shouldn't be pushed.
Meanwhile, Jess is choking Naomi out for the high of passing out. Their friend, Heather, thinks they're nuts. When Jess and Heather start talking about God and high powers, Naomi insists she wants to pass out again but Jess decides she wants a turn instead.
Betty and Victor are dancing together. Victor offers to delay dying so they can figure something else out. Betty reassures him that she'll be okay. Mary and Des are preparing the champagne. Victor drinks the glass with the pento in a gulp and moves to sit down before it takes effect. Betty lies down with him and they say their goodbyes. Mary checks Victor's pulse to make sure he's passed and Betty tells Mary and Des that she wants to stay with Victor. Mary and Des turn away to clear up their equipment and Betty takes the opportunity to throw herself off the balcony.
Mary tells Des that he needs to get out of there as people start to gather around Betty's body on the sidewalk.
They debrief at a Chinese restaurant afterwards. Des tries to lighten the mood but Mary's not having it. She starts to leave to pick up Jess but ends the conversation with her feeling that people who want to die should be able to whether or not they are terminal. Des argues that his conscience would bother him. Mary doesn't feel that way.
When Mary arrives at Louise's house to pick up Jess, Louise mentions that Des has been released from prison. Mary feigns ignorance and wonders aloud that Louise is keeping tabs on him since he fired her as his lawyer. Also, she points out that they probably shouldn't be talking about him since that could lead to Louise being disbarred. Naomi picks up on the tension in the room and Jess barges through in a rush to leave.
Arriving at home, Kevin is barbequing while Cambie sits on the couch with Casper the Second. Cable tells Mary that she wants to be a vegetarian. Kevin has been staying with Mary and the girls while he's house-hunting since he and Louise broke up. 
Back at the Chinese restaurant, a redhead in a white dress sits down next to Des at the bar and removes her wedding band. When he asks, she tells him that she's just left her husband. She introduces herself as Olivia and invites him to do shots with her but he declines due to his sobriety. She claims to be a stay-at-home mom and boring and Des reveals that he used to be a plastic surgeon. They return to his apartment and have sex.
Cambie comes to Mary's room and Mary shows her the snow globe she bought her as a souvenir from Mexico. At first, Cambie doesn't like the sugar skull in the globe, thinking it's creepy but Mary explains the Mexican tradition of celebrating the dead rather than ignoring death. Cambie asks to stay for a while with Mary as the thought of dying bothers her. 
In the afterglow of their lovemaking, Des sees Olivia put her ring back on and asks her to stay overnight. Olivia responds by stating he needs to kill her husband. She knows that he's killed people before and names his previous clients. She leaves, stating that she'll be in touch with the details.
At the hospital, Mary treats a car accident victim, Brendan Challis, who may have lost consciousness while driving. She orders a CT scan to see if there's an underlying condition. Leaving the room, she is immediately called on the carpet by Dr. Dunn who tells her that CT scans are expensive and he can't justify the cost for a patient who only has a bruised rib. She acknowledges his decision. He walks away. She tells Nurse Connie to run the scan anyway.
Mary goes out to meet Annie who has quit smoking (again). Mary passes on Annie's cut for Victor's case. Annie takes Mary to a hospital room where Betty Lisko lies in critical care. Mary explains to Annie that when she'd been refused a pento dose to die with Victor, she'd jumped. This is the first that Annie is hearing about Des being back on the scene.
Olivia contacts Des by phone and confirms that she still wants him to kill her husband.
Mary sits down with Brendan to talk over his scan results. The CT scan revealed a brain tumour. 
Des is sitting on Mary's doorstep when she arrives home. He tells her that he's been hired as a hit man by his one-night stand.
Louise is reviewing the video of Mary and Des meeting with Ben while Naomi and Jess enjoy the pool. Naomi asks Jess if she thinks Heather is prettier than her. She gets Jess to take pictures of her in her bikini just as Louise comes outside with a box. Louise forbids her to post the bikini pictures on the Internet. Louise tells Jess that the box is things her father left behind and asks her to return them for her. The flash drive with the video of Mary and Des and Ben is in the box.
Mary and Des go to Olivia's house. Mary makes Des stay in the car. When she rings the doorbell, a young girl opens the door. She recognizes Mary immediately. Olivia comes out and admonishes her daughter, Maya, for opening the door to strangers. Maya says that Mary isn't a stranger, she was friends with "Uncle Greg" aka Grady, the drug dealer Mary framed and then let die when he was shot by Ben. Maya leaves and Mary confronts Olivia about her plan to use Des to kill her husband. Olivia warns Mary that if she knew her brother, Grady, then she knows what she's capable of. Mary responds that Grady tried to push her and he's dead now because Mary let him bleed out. She warns Olivia that if she comes near her or Des again that she'll kill her too.
Des and Mary discuss the situation in his car. Mary points out that she helped eighteen clients while he was in prison and nothing ever went wrong. She's not sure she wants him involved anymore. He points out that he went to prison to protect her. She insists that she does the job better on her own and leaves him in the car.
She goes to Betty's hospital room in the night. Betty has regained consciousness. She asks if Betty if she regrets jumping but Betty's only regret is that she wasn't successful. Mary turns off the sensors and gives Betty the morphine button. She explains what she'll experience if she just keeps pressing the button and stays with her as Betty slips away into death.
Mary Kills People
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Mary Kills People Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Des: Why don't you want me to come with you?
Mary: Because you're on parole. I'm fairly certain one of your conditions would be 'no killing people'

A friend once told me that life can make you strong or it can break you. There isn't much in between. I believe that this experience has made me stronger. It's shaped me into a better version of myself.