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Topher is originally from the suburbs; his parents kicked him out for an unknown reason. He found rocks from a terrarium that gave him powers. He's been rationing the rock dust because they'll run out.

Nico returns the vial to Topher and lets him stay. The group wants to figure out the connection between Molly's power to the rocks in Topher's vial.

Molly loops Topher into the investigation.

Jonah takes Karolina to the bottom of the pit. Located beneath the ground is Jonah's spaceship; he arrived to Earth before recorded history. Jonah is an alien. Karolina is an alien.

The liquid at the bottom of the pit are remnants of Jonah's people. Karolina's brother is one of them.

Topher offers to help Gert get the medication she needs to calm down.

Nico and Alex catch Karolina arrive back at the mansion. She acts like she's anxious and wants to help with the mission.

The parents interrogate Eiffel about the social media photo she took with Chase. She tells the truth in exchange for "immunity." Since the posting, she's been verified.

Jonah asks Frank for help in completing a mission: he needs a runaway to save his life in the box.

Robert comes up with a plan to get revenge on Jonah; he's doing it alone with none of PRIDE's help.

The Runaways discover Topher has taken the map for the rock pit. They think he's going down their to refill his rock stash.

Topher discovers rock pieces at the rock pit.

Leslie confronts Jonah about spending time with Karolina without telling her.

Topher kills one of the workers when he's discovered. Topher steals a car and takes off; the Runaways rush after him on a high-speed chase.

Topher rushes back to his home and he begs his family to let him come back.

The truth about Topher is revealed: Topher lied about everything. He was an attendant at the same lab that Molly's parents died in. He got affected by the explosion, like how it made him look like a teenager, addicted to the rocks, and his abilities.

Topher fights with Molly and wants them to leave him alone. Topher grabs a large dumpster and throws it at the Runaways; Chase uses his gauntlets to shoot the dumpster away. When the dumpster nearly hits Gert, Topher pushes her/the car out of the way and gets crushed in the process.

Topher dies with the neighborhood watching.

Frank and Leslie make amends. Frank refuses to find a sacrifice for Jonah.

Janet asks Victor for help in coming up with a way to stop Jonah's transporter.

Robert utilizes the technology from Karolina's bracelet to depower Jonah. Before he's able to kick him, cult members knock out Robert.

After Molly says that Nico acted like her mother Tina, Nico is sad over the possibility. Karonia reassures her that she's nothing like Tina. Karolina and Nico make out on the bed; Karolina is glowing.

Alex and Chase bond. Gert comforts Molly about her loss and how she felt being alone.

Jonah delivers Robert's body to the parents.

Karolina visits Leslie to discover the truth about her father.

The neighbor who saw the Runaways fight Topher pants street art on the side of a building. The artwork is of Molly's glowing eyes.

Gert goes to the hospital to get treatment. Her parents will be arriving soon.

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