A Day in the Life - Manhunt: UNABOMBER
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Lincoln, Montana – 1995

Ted's cabin. He's living off the wild, picking his own vegetables and all that good stuff. Frankly, it seems too cold to be growing lettuce up there, but what do I know?

When he's bathing, a bear shuffles by.

He gets on his bike heads into town. He has a mailbox, so he's not totally off the grid.

In town, he says hi to the mailman, who knows him by name.

He's at the town library, where he sees the Washington Post.

His library friend, Teresa, is talking non-stop about the manifesto. She has a lot to say, and she shares everything with Ted.

Ted begins to write a letter to David. He still has bad feelings about Linda, but he's at a crossroads in his life. He has realized that bombing is no longer necessary. He wants to change, to begin again, but doesn't know if it's possible.

Parkour, Illinois – 1953 Ted in school. He was a freak. His mom and dad skipped him two grades ahead. He wasn't ready.

The worst part was he was still smarter than everyone else.

He thinks it all began with a boy named Doug, who was his very first experiment. Doug was the only real friend he ever had.

Then Doug started getting notes from a girl, and their fun ended.

Instead of throwing spears and doing boy stuff in the woods together, Doug took his girl to their play spots and threw rocks at Ted. WTF?

The rock made Ted's head bleed. In school, the girl whispered and talked about Ted behind his back while Doug sat with her instead of his lab partner.

So Ted sent Doug a blinding pop of a note.

The next day, Ted smiled when he saw Doug's scabbed face in the hallway. He thought his friend would return to the woods, and set up a chair. Instead, he was left crying alone in the burnt out VW.

Ted shares where you can find quadratics with Teresa's son, Timmy, when he teacher cannot.

Ted continues writing to David. He was in Harvard at 16. It was so lonely.

Ted is handed a flyer for a psychology study on the campus. Dr. Murray.

In a room where men are filling out forms discussing their irrational hatred and other items, Ted was whittled down from a large group to become one of Murray's subjects.

For a year, Ted merely talked to Dr. Murray in great detail about many subjects.

One day, when Ted shows up at the annex, he runs into Murray outside with two men in hats. Murray says his future is important to the history of the free world.

All of the trust he placed into Murray was going to be washed away. Moments after he says he cannot move, Murray says he can walk out any time.

After he's strapped into a chair, he's told he's free to leave at any time.

A panel of men is streamed in, a light is shone in his face, and Murray begins insulting Ted's intelligence.

They were working with MK Ultra to break the students. At least the other kids were 18 or 19. He was 16-years-old.

Ted learns after the first session he'll be participating in the phase for another 18 months. He cracks, telling Murray he never believed in that stuff anyway. The look Ted gave to Murray when he ultimately left the room was not only devoured Murray, but broke my heart.

Timmy needs Ted's advice. He's being bullied at school. Ted tells him to get physically strong to the point the others will realize it's foolish to even consider fighting him.

Ted's advice is good. Do not get even. Be proud to be different. Be strong in your own right.

When he gets back to his cabin, Ted clears the work table of his bomb making stuff and sets Timmy's birthday party invitation on it. He plays a record and dances.

Ted can stop now, but every time he closes his eyes, his mind goes back to that room at Harvard, and he feels impotent and angry, stripped of his dignity. He believes forver that the letter Murray read to him was really from his mother.

Ted feels like he's been betrayed by everyone he's ever loved, including his brother who fired him.

He looks at the picture of David and Linda and sees Doug and his school girlfriend.

Ted knows he can do differently, and should, but he's so broken he cannot stop himself from making bombs, from loving, from letting go.

Ted goes to Timmy's birthday party, but when he arrives and looks through the window, he feels less than the others. He hates the gift he's holding. He rides home and tosses it inot the fire, together with the taped photo of David and Linda.

He hides his latest bomb under his bed.


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Manhunt: UNABOMBER Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

As soon as we entered the room, we all were desperate to make the cut, for him to choose us, to bring us into the inner circle, the fold. His was the hand of God, separating sheep from goats.


Ted: [reading] The industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
Teresa: See? See? You act like I'm crazy, but it's kind of true, right?