No Turning Back - Manhunt: UNABOMBER
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The FBI is setting up the woods all around Ted's house to get whatever they can on the man. They need evidence other than whatever they will get from Fitz's work comparing the documents.

CBS decides they're going to break the story in 24 hours. That tosses the six-month timeline the team was expecting to have to catch Ted right out the window.

Fitz worries that forensic linguistics won't be enough, but Ackerman almost screams his head off. WRITE IT UP!

Cole tries to get the locals in Montana to work with the FBI to bring in Ted.

Fitz is having trouble with the warrant, as the guy who is there to get a judge to sign off on it doesn't see a smoking gun in the language. Fitz loses his shit when someone spills coffee on the evidence.

He knows the right comparison between Ted's documents and the manifesto lies before him, but he cannot find it. He finally settles on eat your cake and have it, too. Paragraph 185. 

Fitz hands them a smoking proverb instead of a smoking gun.

The judge decides to give a nice story about liberty and wiberty and the importance of language leading into "get that son of a bitch," a lengthy way keep CBS from moving too close to the scene.

The importance of language continues to be driven home as Jerry points out Cole's misquote with Lead on, McDuff.

Jerry approaches Ted's cabin under the guise he has some survey guys who need to look at the property. Jerry does extraordinarily well as the music swells and pulls him to the ground as Ted goes to get his coat. Quite amazing, really.

At first, Ted struggled, but he almost looked relieved after his short struggle.

The FBI office breaks out into cheers while Fitz looks anxious.

As Ted is lead away, he looks back at his cabin and up at the sky. It's been a while. 

Ted asks for his handcuffs to be removed, whether he can leave and if he can see the search warrant.

Fitz tries calling Natalie and when she doesn't pick up, he tries calling his wife, who doesn't pick up. His son won't put her on the phone because she says she's asleep.

It's a very long walk back down to the bottom of the driveway with Ted in custody. There is a robotic bomb sniffer on its way up the drive.

Linda is screaming to David as the press descends upon their home. After they close the windows, they turn on the TV to see news of Ted's arrest.

Ted sits at the bottom of his driveway while the robot visits his cabin. He watches on a small screen, seeing it in the third person. 

Ted asks again to see the warrant and decides not to talk any further until he talks to his attorney.

On his way out of town in the back of the car, Ted sees Teresa and Timmy in town and they all look at each other, unsure what to do.

Fitz heads into a bar with the gang, only to discover a cake with Cole's name on it and Janet Reno on TV congratulating Ackerman and Genelli for their efforts. Genelli then took the spotlight when he claimed responsibility for forensic linguistics and discovering the phrase eat your cake and have it too as the connecting evidence.

Fitz gets into the car and drives like hell out lot and back to the cabin. 

Ted is in jail contemplating his life.

Fitz sees all of Ted's life spread over a bunch of wooden tables in the middle of the woods, and then steps into the small cabin to have a look.

There is a handwritten copy of Industrial Society and Its Future. The typewriter is there. 

Fitz sits down with the document and closes the door.

1997, Federal Prison, Alameda County, California

Ted is looking through the warrant again, planning his next move.

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Manhunt: UNABOMBER Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

If he's the Unabomber, that's not a cabin, that's a bomb factory.


Cole: Now all I need's a damn warrant.
Cowboy: You don't have a warrant.