On Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 12, Sharon explores her guilt over Dwight's shooting while the detectives continue to try to get to the bottom of the conspiracy.

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Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 12 picks up the case of the courtroom shooting. There are still no real leads in the conspiracy except for that the dead Deputy Sims was involved somehow. Provenza finds that very strange -- who would comply with his own murder? But more and more evidence points to it.

Hy-Sun, Sims' Asian mistress, was poisoned, and she is discovered to have a neo-Nazi tattoo, suggesting she was part of the Z-Brotherhood, but there are few leads on her death. An undercover officer deliberately punches Flynn so he can go back to the squad room and fill them in on what he knows. Howard wants to remove him from the case but he wants to stay in. The UC is asked to go undercover to talk to Jerry Vogel, a low level operative. Vogel tries to get Graff to confess but is too pushy and fails.

Meanwhile, Buzz gets a lead in his case but the name of the accomplice is the generic "Billy Jones", and neither he nor Rusty can easily find the person it refers to.

Will Buzz find out who killed his father and uncle? Are the cops any closer to unraveling the conspiracy? Watch Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 12 online to find out.

Episode Details

On Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 12, the team continues to investigate the Dwight Darnell conspiracy and his links to a white supremacist brotherhood.

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Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Just like Dwight and just like Deputy Sims, everyone involved with this conspiracy ends up dead.


Your rules, Father, not mine.