On Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 19, Provenza has a hard time dealing with the death of a biker who seemed to have led a perfect life prior to his death.

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The MCU is asked to investigate a hit and run on Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 19. As usual, Provenza doesn't think this is really a major crime, but Howard says it is because hit and runs are becoming a big problem in Los Angeles.

To make matters worse, the victim, Will, seems to have been a golden child that everyone liked. He was a law student who had just got a prestigious clerkship. The MCU talks to his best friend, Cliff, who Will beat out for the clerkship. Cliff makes some dumb racist comments in front of Amy but ultimately claims race had nothing to do with Will's victory. MCU meets the judge, who tells them that Will ran over another teenager when he was 16.

Provenza has a hard time with this case and considers retirement, but not before making a realization that helps advance the case. Meanwhile, all evidence leads in the direction of the mother who had lost her son to Will's driving, but she thinks Will's death is poetic justice for his prior actions.

Provenza comes to somewhat of a decision about retirement after the case is solved and Sharon goes to an interview for the Assistant Chief position.

To find out what happens, watch Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 19 online.

Episode Details

On Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 19, the team is enlisted to investigate a tragic hit-and-run, as a war between bikes and cars escalates on the city streets.

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Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Provenza: Sykes, what do we know?
Amy: Victim is WIlliam Sachs, 24. He was apparently a USC law student who was on his way home when he made a wrong turn under someone's car. His last text from was a Cliff saying, "This isn't over. I'm gonna beat you."
Provenza: Maybe we can get this Cliff on two things. Vehicular manslaughter and texting while driving.

Buzz: Well I don't know if it's a major crime, but I can tell you from experience, the car/bike thing is a major problem.
Provenza: You're going to regret selling that Prius. You'll learn that the hard way.