On Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 3, the MCU must work with the FBI to catch a terrorist who filmed the decapitation of a kidnapped Iraq veteran .

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Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 3 involves the kidnap and murder of an Iraq veteran. Someone claiming to be allied with ISIS filmed the murder, stating that all American infidels must be killed before decapitating the victim. The FBI believes the video was made in Los Angeles and thus wants MCU to help with the investigation.

A very skeptical Provenza leads the investigation as Buzz and Tao use their technological know-how to pinpoint a likely area where the video was filmed. They find the knife buried next to the head and body.

The soldier is identified. He was in town for one of his Army buddies' wedding. His friends state that he always drank too much and they always ended up leaving him. They were suspicious when he didn't come home by the next morning. After sending the bride-to-be out of the room, one of his buddies, Vince, admits they went to a strip club.

The detectives' investigation of the club turns up a Muslim clubowner who is eager to cooperate and his angry son, who feels picked on by police because he is Muslim. It also leads them to a woman named Kim. Kim says that the victim, Nick, paid her in $100 bills. This turns out to be an important clue, as the serial numbers of the bills are ones the Army ordered destroyed in Iraq.

Meanwhile, Rusty continues to struggle with his mother's pregnancy, while Buzz gets a lead in his investigation of his father and uncle's death that he thinks Rusty will find disturbing.

To find out who killed Nick and what Buzz found out, watch Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 3 online.

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On Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 3, the FBI teams up with Raydor's team when an investigation turns into a desperate scramble to hunt down a terrorist.

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Major Crimes
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This is our needle and this is our haystack.


You're fishing in the ocean, guys.