On Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 15, the Major Crimes Unit investigates the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a 20-year-old kid.

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Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 15 has the detectives investigating a murder that first appeared to be a suicide. As usual, Provenza questions why they are investigating the crime, but forensic evidence soon makes it clear the victim, 20-year-old Kyle Gillam, was pushed rather than jumped off the top of a parking garage. The detectives' search leads to a secret about Kyle that hits home for Rusty and a sordid plot involving jealousy, anger and a secret relationship.

While the detectives are trying to straighten out what happened to Kyle, Flynn continues to struggle with his health. He has to put up with an annoyingly cheerful physical therapist in order to regain his strength and get out of the hospital, and he is reluctant to stay with Sharon and Rusty as he doesn't want to burden them.

Flynn is not the only one suffering a personal crisis, as Provenza struggles with the question of whether or not to take the next step in his relationship. Meanwhile, Rusty's relationship with Slider takes a surprising turn during a follow-up interview.

Watch Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 15 online to find out who killed Kyle, whether Flynn is coming home and what Provenza decides to do about his relationship with Patrice.

Episode Details

On Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 15, the team investigates when a young man with no financial means lived in a luxury highrise before being pushed to his death.

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Major Crimes
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Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Maybe he went to the gym for a pre-suicide workout.


Enough is enough. I can't keep being a patient in your condo.