In Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 6, the MCU investigates who killed a victim who is nothing but bones, while Provenza struggles with remodeling his apartment.

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Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 6 features an unusual case: a little girl has found a bunch of bones scattered in a Hollywood park. The bones turn out to belong to Tate Harrison, an alcoholic and all around troubled person. Harrison is believed to have raped at least one woman, and the investigation leads the MCU to uncover many of his other crimes, including embezzlement and theft. His sponsor, his brother and some other people he knew from the past all agree that Tate Harrison was no good--but who killed him with a .22 caliber rifle?

The search leads to the Greggs family, a couple with two kids whom Tate wanted to make amends to before his death. Mr. Greggs is not very cooperative, making him a major suspect--but did he really have anything to do with the murder?

While the police are investigating, Rusty and his friend/possible boyfriend TJ are charged with the equally important task of moving Provenza's furniture into storage without Provenza's new girlfriend knowing about it. Provenza is particularly eager to hold onto a set of duck lamps that everyone else thinks is ugly.

Who killed Tate Harrison, and why? Will Provenza succeed in holding onto furniture his girlfriend hates? Watch Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 6 online to find out.

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On Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 6, when the squad falls into a web of connections as they find a pile of bones and realize their victim has an unnerving past.

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Major Crimes
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Please God, tell me you have a murder.


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