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Slow motion of a girl at a computer. She tells her dog to let her finish an email, and then the doorbell rings.

Offscreen, there are sounds of a struggle, then she runs back into the room and closes the door, but some guy (we don't see his face) beats her and kicks her. Her dog comes in as she lies still on the floor. She tries to call 911 but she dies before she gets connected.

Tao looks at the cracked laptop screen. The victim is Christa Cook of Buffalo.

Provenza is angry that there are dogs around. Raydor and Rusty arrive and he sends him to walk the dog.

The cops have few leads but find out the victim's boyfriend was a mixed martial arts practitioner. Raydor dispatches someone to drive Rusty  back so she can go to the ME's office with Christa's body.

ME says the victim died of blood filling up her lungs. Sanchez recognizes the name of the boyfriend. He is a famous MMA fighter. 

Sykes and Flynn go to interview the fighter, interrupting a private practice session. His trainer got to the gym before him.

The boyfriend, Felix, says he's Krista's ex-boyfriend and that he returned her parking permit. Sykes tells him Christa is dead and he gets very upset, wanting to know who did it. Flynn tells him to calm down. His trainer, who is also his brother, doesn't want him to be distracted by this.

Tao searches through the victim's phone and finds Felix did not talk to Christa since the breakup. Christa also has not been on any dating websites and was at home before her murder. She did four emails and looked at Facebook/Twitter.

Rusty and Raydor meet with Hobbs. She gives them subpoenas. Because Rusty interviewed Slider, Slider's attorney is claiming Rusty was acting on Sharon's orders to investigate the case.

Tao gets a message that there is malware on his computer. All the computers may have been infected by spyware that was on Christa's computer. This not only means that someone was spying on Christa but also that the spyware may have infected the entire LAPD network. Tao calls someone to tell them to shut down the LAPD intranet.

Rusty and Raydor meet with Chief Taylor, who says family members of detectives can't interact with defendants who have attorneys. Rusty has recorded the video but nobody can listen to it because they might recuse themselves. Hobbs says she needs to take Rusty's phone. He doesn't want to do it but Sharon insists.

All data systems at the LAPD have been shut down. Raydor wants to reverse-follow the spyware to the sender. Tao is trying to do that. Provenza is confused by the technical jargon. Raydor asks what the likelihood is that Felix used the spyware. Buzz says spyware can be downloaded for $40.

The team finds an email from a super model telling Christa she was making a huge mistake. This email had the spyware attached to it, hidden in a headshot of a model. They bring the email writer, Melissa, in and record the interview. Melissa says she rescued Krista from a bad situation when she was a teenager and that Christa really looked up to her, but lately she is losing her influence. The mistake Christa was making was that she wanted to go to college instead of continuing to model. Melissa says she didn't send the spyware, but only forwarded an attachment from someone named Malcolm, a horrible human being and photographer who did not want to accept that Christa didn't want to go out with him. 

Malcolm is doing a photo shoot with three girls dressed in fancy, yet skimpy clothes. Flynn and Sykes interrupt to talk to Malcolm. Malcolm flirts with Sykes, then tells his assistant that unless he's being arrested she should just give them his attorney's number. Flynn shows him the warrant for his computers and takes the equipment he is using, then tell him he has to come with them. He tells his assistant to call his lawyer.

Rusty brings all of his research to Raydor. He doesn't understand why the judge needs to see it. Raydor says if he is called as a witness, they need to confirm journalistic intent. Rusty explains he was trying to take initiative as a reporter and that he got it all wrong. He wants Raydor to come with him to the judge, but Raydor can't without the judge's permission. She tells Rusty to stand up for himself.

Malcolm's lawyer claims that there's no reason to hold him because he did nothing but take photos of Christa. Tao says Malcolm has no alibi and was inappropriate towards Christa. Malcolm claims that a prior model who claimed harassment was blackmailing him and lying about him. Malcolm's lawyer insists the past doesn't matter. The cops ask him about the spyware. The lawyer seems surprised. Tao explains that Malcolm's computer was traced to the spyware. Raydor suggests that Malcolm spied on and then killed Krista. Raydor arrests him for spying on Krista. Malcolm doesn't want his arrest to be public because it will ruin his business. He claims he witnessed the murder on the webcam. His lawyer doesn't want him to talk unless the charges are dropped. Raydor says he will be arrested for murder if he doesn't talk.


Malcolm says the killer worse sweatpants like Christa's ex boyfriend, and that the beating was brutal. He proves he is telling the truth by saying that he saw Tao pick up the computer after the investigation began. His lawyer won't allow him to give the video he recorded from the spyware without charges being dropped. Raydor and Tao insist he give the names of everybody he has been spying on.

Hobbs doesn't want to use Malcolm's statement because he's spied on 42 women and she feels that he should be prosecuted for it. There is no evidence against Felix except Malcolm's claim. Provenza thinks they should widen the search. They recognize a coffee shop from photos of Felix. Meanwhile, Chief Taylor insists Hobbs accepts the deal. Flynn is upset also that Malcolm will walk on his peeping tom activities. Provenza says they'll deal with that after catching the murderer.

The cops, along with Rusty, watch the video of Krista's murder. They can't see the guy's face. .Rusty looks very upset. He tells Raydor it's not fair he's in trouble and Malcolm isn't. Raydor tells him to tell the judge the truth and what they hear on the video... it gives her an idea. She realizes that there's sound on the video of Christa's death and watches it again. They hear Krista's telling the dog to hold on and the doorbell ringing. Raydor wants to hear what was on the 911 call.

The judge asks Rusty how many murder trials he plans to participate in. Rusty tries to explain that he is a journalist and that nobody knew he was going to talk to Slider. The judge asks Hobbs if she encouraged Rusty to do this. The judge says he will review the information and yells at Rusty not to record anything further about the case. He also makes Rusty give him the name of the vlog.

Sykes gives the detectives video from the coffee shop. They find that Felix's brother bought coffee at 7:25. He claims Felix was in the car. They watch the video again in front of him and it now has the sound of Christa telling Felix to get out, which has been doctored by Raydor's tech team to get the brother to turn on Felix. The brother says Felix didn't mean to do it and that he just lost his temper. Felix got a text in the middle of the night that made him really angry. He stormed off. Later he told the brother he shoved Christa by accident.

The cops go to the gym, where Felix is working out, guns drawn, and sneak up on him. They tell him he is under arrest and put his hands behind his head. Felix jumps a cop and grabs his gun. The cops get him to drop the gun. He confesses to accidentally killing Krista but won't let go of the cop. Sanchez jumps him and Felix grabs a gun and tries to shoot. Tao shoots him.

The LAPD network goes back online. Tao seems depressed. He tells Sanchez he has a session with the department shrink tomorrow. He looks at the phone. The text Felix got was a photo of Christa from a burner phone with the message, "Look who I've been banging."

The cops accuse Malcolm of sending the photo to provoke Felix to attack Christa. The cops use the fact that Tao's name was left off the list of Malcolm's victims to invalidate the deal. Hobbs also says that since Tao is a police officer, they can charge him with terrorism. The only way to avoid this is if he confesses in writing that he deliberately provoked Felix in the hopes he would hurt Christa. 

Malcolm doesn't like these choices, but Tao tells him that two people died and that Malcolm is going to jail one way or the other. His attorney convinces him that manslaughter looks better than terrorism. He wants to tell his side, but Sharon tells him he doesn't get a side. His attorney takes the deal.

The judge watches Rusty's video in front of Raydor, Rusty and Hobbs. He thinks the video is irrelevant but doesn't understand why Rusty won't pursue some other story. Rusty says that Alice needs him. Raydor says they will be coordinating research from now on. He gives Rusty permission to post his video on his blog but not to speak to Slider again. He asks to talk to Raydor privately. He is impressed with Rusty but as a friend warns Raydor not to watch the vlog or try to protect Rusty by looking at what he's doing, because it could prejudice the case.





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