On Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 13, Elizabeth has 18 hours to avert a war when a cluster bomb results in the death of 29 Syrian children.

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Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 13 centers on a crisis in the Middle East after a cluster bomb kills a bunch of Syrian children who were playing soccer.

Elizabeth learns that the bomb in question is a cluster bomb, designed by the US and given to Israel, but Israel denies any wrongdoing. Soon, it becomes apparent that a Syrian plane detonated a copycat bomb created by Russia, which Syria denies. Tensions flare up and a Russian plane is shot down over Syria by the Israelis, killing 43 Russian soldiers -- does this mean war?

The military experts in the Cabinet think that may be the only solution, and Elizabeth has only 18 hours to get Russia to change its mind or the US will get involved in a military conflict to make Russia back off.

Elizabeth talks to both Syria and Israel and has to threaten to expose their behavior to the UN Security Council to get them to reach an agreement. She also has to work with Russia to try to get them to agree to sign onto a ban of the use of cluster bombs.

Meanwhile, Jason is causing all sorts of problems at home because he's decided to open a cryptocurrency business that seems to be costing his parents a lot of money, and Henry is frustrated when Russell ignores all his ethical concerns.

And Russell finds himself in hot water after his confrontation with a homeless woman who is protesting outside the White House goes viral. Stevie tries in vain to get the woman to back off, but she won't. Will Russell be able to find a solution?

Watch Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 13 online to find out what happens.

Episode Details

On Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 13, when Syrian children are killed by an American-made cluster bomb, Elizabeth races to figure out what went wrong.

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Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Dozens of dead children! There has to be accountability.


Protester: Hey, you work for the White House, right?
Russell: I'm just trying to go -
Protester: One of the architects of the bombing, right here?
Russell: Hey -
Protester: I have a right to my opinion!
Russell: I'm not saying you don't! But while you're out here protesting, I'm working 16 hours a day to try to resolve the situation you're protesting about.