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In Nicaragua, 1983 there appears to be some sort of spy mission. One guy complains about the other's music. Some rebels show up but things go south.

In America 2019, Jay briefs Russell, Dalton, and Elizabeth. There could be another civil war similar to Syria. The team thinks maybe a travel ban is in order. Dalton wants to see proposals for what to do.

Russell is not happy with a guy who comes to talk to him about social media. Russell assigns this task to Stevie. He needs a social media presence to change his reputation after the viral video of him yelling at the protester.

Henry's brother calls him. Henry's niece is going to Iraq as a medic and he is worried she will get killed. He wants Henry to call in a favor to change Sarah's orders. He's mad that Henry won't do that. 

Matt asks what the plan is but isn't interested in the crisis. Matt says Jay's girlfriend is gonna be in New York for a chess convention and wants to help him. Jay is more interested in dealing with work. He doesn't want the State Department bothering him.

China doesn't want to help deal with the Nicaragua situation. Blake says some other South American countries are interested in joining the coalition. Jay says Russia will not cooperate. Blake thinks they should lead with muscle. Daisy has more bad news. A video shows that there is a standoff in Nicaragua and American missionaries are caught in the middle.

The two spies are worried about their boss being angry because the rebels planted a bomb instead of a bug. The boss is a younger Dalton. He wants to know what happened? They don't know. They are kicked off the case and out of the country.

There are 200 protesters taking refuge in the church. Becker says they don't have great options. Dalton doesn't want to deploy US military forces against the Nicaraguan police The advisor says that Russia has interest there.

Stevie blows up Russell's social media account with a post of him watching the Panda Cam. Jason thinks she should post about the situation in Nicaragua instead. He has another video from Bethany. He thinks this generation of McCords are sellouts. Allison thinks what Bethany and Sarah are doing is cool. Sarah thinks it isn't because people will die. She apologizes and says she's stressed about packing.

Elizabeth talks to Sandino who calls the protestors terrorists. Elizabeth thinks they are scared kids. Sandino doesn't want to negotiate with terrorists. He says he will not be bullied by the US. Elizabeth says his father is in medical treatment in Florida. He doesn't want to work with the US because the CIA murdered his mother years ago. He hangs up. Elizabeth wants to see the CIA files so she can resolve the situation. Jay tells her that intelligence shows the CHinese putting a hit squad in Nicaragua.

Henry doesn't know what to say to Sarah. He thinks he should take her to see Will. Elizabeth doesn't think that's a good idea. Henry feels he has to do something.

Elizabeth talks to the Chinese ambassador again. He says Elizabeth was right about Nicaragua. She thinks he's protecting his investments. She thinks he should reconsider because he could ignite a civil war. She thinks they should negotiate with Sandino. China says Sandino won't negotiate and if the US can't control him, China will.
Russell is not happy that everyone is sending him pandas, which he thinks Stevie is responsible for. He says she doesn't understand his job. He can't win votes by being soft and cuddly and she needs to fix this.
Sarah talks to Will. She says she doesn't have any pre-deployment jitters. She says she freaked out for a second but she's not afraid. Will says she's afraid she won't have what it takes for her patients. She says what if a patient dies because I screwed up? Will says you will screw up and some of your patients will die. You can't let fear paralyze you. He asks her what the most important trait is in a trauma nurse? He says he's not worried about her training. Will and Henry say sleep is the determining factor in how cool she stays. Will says the vast majority of errors happen when the provider was too tired. Sarah is oddly comforted by this.
Jay says Annalise took a train to DC so he might be able to see her after all. He says her Instagram is full of photos of her with some other guy.
Elizabeth asks for an update. Blake says four of the wounded have died and they are dangerously low on food and water and medical supplies. She has an idea but has to talk to Dalton.
Nicaragua 1983 We see a man bound and a sack over his head. It is Dalton and he talks to Sandino Sr. He says he's here to say the attack on Sandino's life was not ordered by the US. Sandino says his son's mother is dead. He encourages Sandino to choose the US over Russia. Sandino says his minions want to kill Dalton but he isn't that kind of leader and wants Dalton to give a message to the US.
In the present, Elizabeth talks to Dalton who says his attempt to negotiate was futile. Elizabeth says Dalton was right, and Sandino chose not to be a dictator. She says there were no easy answers then. How could they not push back against all the murders by dictatorial regimes? Anyway he has to focus on the present, not the past. They have a crisis to deal with.
Russell brings some kids with cancer in to help drum up support for the health care bill. A little girl recognizes him as the panda guy and wants a selfie with him for her Instagram. Russell has no idea how Instagram works but Stevie takes care of it.
Dalton comes to see Sandino Sr in Florida. Sandino says he can't help him, his son does what he wants. Dalton understands. His own son is an addict. Sandino says he was so proud of his son and thought he would continue his work but now he has become the kind of dictator he fought to overthrow. Dalton asks him to talk to his son. Sandino says he doesn't know if his son will listen. Dalton says I wasn't sure you'd listen to me but here we are.
Jay didn't get to spend time with Annalise. Elizabeth updates them. Sandino reached out to his son but Sandino Jr wouldn't listen. Elizabeth says if anyone has an idea, now would be a great time to share. Daisy says wait. The news says Sandino Sr came out in support of the protesters and saying in Spanish that his son knows where to find him -- with the protesters. Now Sandino Jr can't risk opening fire because his father is in the church. Elizabeth says it is no longer an emergency situation and Jay can go see his girlfriend. Jay says but his daughter is here. Elizabeth says she will babysit. Jay says but I don't have room to date, and what if we don't have a spark? Elizabeth tells him to stop thinking and just go and see what happens. He's convinced by his little girl to go.
Stevie comes to see Russell.  He's mad she tagged the people who sent him the pandas -- however, it helped force those people to support the bill.  He says he called Stevie in to thank her and watch the floor vote.
Chloe sits and colors as Elizabeth's desk while Dalton and Elizabeth talk about the situation.  Elizabeth is worried that China will keep causing trouble. Dalton says there is hope. 
Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Spy 1: What the hell just happened?
Spy 2: I think our rebels just decided to rebel on us.

Spy 1: Do you mind? I can't hear anything.
Spy 2: There's nothing to hear yet. Though I gotta admit, I'm impressed these rebels can tell asses from elbows, never mind infiltrate Sandino