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In Syria, a bunch of kids are playing soccer. One kid calls in Syrian to another to pass the ball to a kid named Messi. Messi kicks the ball into the goal. Suddenly, a bomb explodes.

Bess finds out from Blake it was a bomb the US gave to Israel. Bess says dealing with this is a priority.

Russell is trying to go to work and a protester accuses him of architecting the bomb. 

At a meeting, Dalton says they have to back Israel.

Russell doesn't want to be disturbed, but Stevie has to interrupt to show him a video someone took of him berating the protester. He realizes it looks like he was attacking a homeless woman for talking to him. He gets a call and yells at his wife he doesn't need anger management.

Blake and Kat talk with the Syrians who say they want justice and their kids back.

Bess gets a call from Allison who complains that the Internet is slow. Bess tells her to try the library. She asks Jason for help and he gives her a bunch of techno babble

The Israeli delegate tells Bess if the US won't help defend Israel he will do it himself.

Henry debates with some other staff members who say they have to use cluster bombs. He says that most casualties are civilians and there are ethical concerns.

Everyone gets a call. Intelligence shows video of Russia shooting a missle from the air seconds before the explosion. It was a Syrian plane. Israel was framed. 

Bess talks to a guy from Syria and gives him the footage. He denies that the proof is proof of anything.  He claims the US is biased against Syria. Bess says once they have proof, they will seek sanctions against Syria. The Syrian delegate says they have allies even if it was not the US. He says when they prove the US and Israel are behind this, the US will be the one facing sanctions.

Dalton interrupts a meeting between Henry and a military contractor.

Later, Henry has no appetite and is stressed because of the contractor's friendship with Dalton. Henry says it will be weeks before they can prove Syria got its hands on the bomb. Elizabeth is flailing too, since the delegates are both stirring up trouble. Elizabeth realizes the Internet really is slow. Allison says that there are too many devices on the server. Everyone calls Jason to find out what's going on. Jason says he lost his financial aid so he is working on cryptocurrency. He says he made three grand this month. Elizabeth tells him to release their devices. Jason needs money for new equipment.

NEws coverage about Russell's altercation is continuing. Stevie tried to smooth things over and couldn't.

Henry comes to see Russell. The bomb was Russian in origin. But Henry says this is a bigger problem. Russia needed the weapons schematics, which means someone from Dynametrics may have shared it.

Meanwhile, Syria has shot down a Russian plane and killed 43 Russian solders. Bess thinks they may have an opening.

Elizabeth meets with the Russian foreign minister. She says the friendly fire incident shows how volatile the situation is. The Russian foreign minister says they have proof Israel was responsible for the deaths. The Israeli ambassador says since Syria and Russia framed Israel, this is poetic justice.The Russian minister says the US is responsible. Elizabeth confronts him about Russian deception, which he denies. Israel refuses to take responsibility. Russia wants to upgrade Syria's weaponry. The Israeli delegate wants the US to help upgrade its weapons. Elizabeth refuses.  Russia says an immediate response is forthcoming. 

Henry and Russell talk. Russell says an abrupt about-face is admitting responsibiity and could backfire on the President and Secretary of State.

Blake and Kat talk also and Blake's proposals won't work.

Stevie gives Maggie a desk with her name on it. She says she is not going to be silenced and the government will be held accountable. She picks up a book and stops in the middle of her speech.

Jason has driven up the electric bill by $1,200 and is angry that his parents won't invest in his business by paying it.

Russell calls. This is all one big setup to create leverage over the Mediterranean port. The military advisors suggest taking military action. Bess realizes she has 18 hours to get Russia to stand down.

Russell and Henry get into an argument because Henry feels Russell doesn't care about Ethics. Russell says he works for the President and has to protect him. Henry says Russell can't varnish his advice if he wants to keep working here. Russell agrees to set up a 1-on-1.

Elizabeth attends a meeting with the delegates involved. The Israeli delegate is not happy. Elizabeth says she has a statement. She wants Israel to stop sending planes into the airspace in Syria and Syria to stop moving through Iran. She says if Syria doesn't cooperate she will go to the UN and implicate both Syria and Israel. She says the both of them need to stand down for the next 24 hours to avert war with Russia. They agree. Bess wants to talk to Henry.

Henry tells Dalton that the moral thing to do is sign on to the ban of cluster bombs. Henry doesn't think there's enough benefit to offset the collateral damage. Dalton says but if Moscow has one they have strategic advantage. Henry says what if we get Moscow to sign on to the ban? Elizabeth has a plan to get that to happen. Dalto agrees to let her try. He also tells Dalton he feels pressure to rubber stamp. He has to push back. Dalton says he expects nothing less. Henry says they have to talk about Leland Grafton. Dalton says Grafton has done nothing criminal. Henry wants Dalton to tell his friend to step down.

Elizabeth tries to talk common ground with the Russian foreign minister. She says they are hours away from war. She thinks they should provoke their proxies by both siging onto the cluster bomb ban and Moscow rolls Iran back in Syria while the US makes sure Israel stays out of Syria. She says if they don't do this, no one will be accountable and they will end up in war. 

Blake suggests educational grants in the name of each of the dead children. Kat says that won't wor. You can't assuage a loss by giving someone something. You can only do it by preventing something from being taken away. Kat calls the the Syrian women and says that they can't resurrect the dead children but she has a letter promising no more cluster bombs. The Syrians thank her.

Stevie has another video of Maggie protesting. Russell goes out and gives her a latte. She tells him he can't buy her silence. He says he is the new guy and introduces himself. He says every voice should be heard and he wants to thank her for playing her part. He tells her she matters and asks if there is anything he can do for her? He gibves her her marker back for her sign.

Henry wants to go on a prpoer date. Elizabeth says let's calendar one. Jason shows up and says he's broke. Spectrocoin went down to zero when the Syrian crisis was averted. He says he's done speculating. Henry says Jason still owes them $1,200. Jason says he got a job as a busboy. Elizabeth hopes he learned his lesson. Henry says to help them wash dishes. They are not interested in his next speculation suggestion.

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Madam Secretary Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Dozens of dead children! There has to be accountability.


Protester: Hey, you work for the White House, right?
Russell: I'm just trying to go -
Protester: One of the architects of the bombing, right here?
Russell: Hey -
Protester: I have a right to my opinion!
Russell: I'm not saying you don't! But while you're out here protesting, I'm working 16 hours a day to try to resolve the situation you're protesting about.