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Stevie performs CPR until the medics get to Russell. He recovers at GW under the watchful eye of his wife, chafing at the bit to get back in the game with everything going on between Iran and Israel and with the developments in the presidential race. He ends up surprising Dalton when he advises the president not to go public with the information that Evans tested positive for the early alzheimers gene, claiming that his heart attack has changed his perspective and that Dalton should stay true to himself -- that's why he has the support of the people after all. 

Israel and Iran continue to escalate thing between them to the point that Iran kidnaps an Israeli minister. Bess and Dalton run interference, ordering a cyber attack on Israel's GPS satellite so they cannot strike an Irani base, and locating the Israeli minister at a Hezbollah base. Bess goes to visit Juliet and find out why she never supported the Iran deal. After that conversation and Russell's new found wisdom ,she recommends that the president try to get the Israelis and the Iranis to work together to achieve peace. 

Henry's brother and neice come to town for a charity run. The brother asks Henry to talk to the neice about her decision to join the army, but she then reveals that her dad has lost his job and is exhibiting signs of depression. Because of their father's death, Henry is worried about his brother. Nothing really ends up getting resolved because the House election results are declared.

At the charity run, Evan's approaches Elizabeth and reveals that he'll be filing suit to disqualify Dalton's Ohio win based on her conversation with OH state senators and a little known anti-lobbying law from the 1890s.


Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Stress didn't clog his arteries. He thinks I don't know he cheats on his diet when he comes home reeking of pâté.


Carol: You want another heart attack?
Russell: Let's see the results, I'll let you know.