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Daisy isn't convinced that the trip to Africa is a good idea, and not just because she's reluctant to make a transatlantic flight on an outdated plane. She doesn't think the State Dept can risk what little political capital it has on the trip. The budget was only approved at 1/3 of the request, and it's the first trip of Dalton's new independent administration. Her fears turn out to be warranted when Minister Chen shows up at every planned stop hours before the US team does, and proceeds to undercut the projects they had lined up. After the plane breaks down and the team is forced to land in Togo, Chen suspects that Elizabeth is planning a new deal there. SHe uses his suspicion against him. She lets him think that the US has a joint program planned, which causes him to swoop in and undercut the supposed US deal. Because she talked to president of Togo and let him in on the plan, he was able to get the Chinese to commit to environmental and educational benchmarks as part of the leasing agreement for the mineral rights. The state department publicly appeared to take a hit, but ended up getting what they really wanted.

Daisy and Susan get stranded in Togo, and experience some tension over the way the trip is going. To smooth things over, Susan takes Daisy to one of Togo's slave forts, which is an emotional experience for them both.

Henry gets called in by the FBI when they find out that the man who supplied the IL bomb was a former member of John's Covenant, the cult that Henry infiltrated and helped to break up. He and an FBI counter terrorist agent quickly disprove the bomb maker's alleged conversion to Islam, but are unable to get any leads on where a second bomb he built may be. They just know that he is interested in a more proactive approach to the apocolypse than his former reverend. At the end of the episode, two agents question another former cult member, who lies about being in touch with his cousin, also a member of the cult. As soon as he leaves, he calls his cousin, who leaves a militia headquarters with the bomb in the back of his truck.

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

We're going to make an emergency landing in Togo. But the thing is, Daisy, we're not gonna die. Come on. The odds of us dying in a crash are eleven million to one. That's slightly lower than getting killed by lightening. But admittedly higher than being killed by a falling coconut.


Elizabeth: Not only did Minister Chen undercut our deal at the last minute, he chose to do so in a very public and embarrassing way.
Blake: So he...he trolled us?
Susan: Arguably tried to bigfoot us.
Elizabeth: I believe the correct diplomatic term he "pantsed" us.