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On Madam Secretary Season 2 Episode 11, Elizabeth has to deal with the aftermath of the attack on Maria Ostrov's car. It's soon revealed the culprit behind the attack is a Ukraine citizen who was against the peace treaty. Elizabeth takes this information to the Russian general who doesn't want to uphold the treaty Maria Ostrov signed and says, after three days of mourning, Russia plans to attack the Ukraine. Elizabeth tries to reason with the general, but he refuses to relent.

The United States is able to track down the person responsible for the attack, but he is released to the Ukraine. The Ukraine Prime Minister refuses to give him over to Russia because he's being viewed as a hero. Elizabeth finally puts her foot down and threatens the Ukraine Prime Minster and states the United States will not help them out when Russia attacks. He gets nervous and agrees to hand over the criminal to the Russian government. 

The Russian general is still not standing down about attacking the Ukraine because he wants to teach them a lesson. After having a conversation with President Dalton, they both sit down to talk to the general and new President of Russia. The new President agrees he is tired of the bloodshed and decides to uphold the peace treaty to stop the war. 

Meanwhile, Henry make the decision to leave the NSA after learning of Dmitri's death. He finally opens up to Elizabeth and tells her that he is angry with the decision she made, but he is also angry at himself for going along with everything. In the end, Henry reassures Elizabeth that no matter what he'll always love her and it will take much more to get rid of him. 

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