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Mad Men Season 6

"In Care Of"

Don runs into trouble on the season 6 finale of Mad Men.

"The Quality of Mercy"

Don buries himself in work on this episode of Mad Men. Pete also deals with Bob Benson's secret crush.

"Favors "

Peggy runs into some trouble at home while Betty tries to plan for Sally's future on Mad Men.

"A Tale of Two Cities"

Joan gets surprised and the firm must fight to keep a client from leaving on Mad Men.

"The Better Half"

Joan heads off for some beach time while Roger continues to have strange, recurring dreams on Mad Men.

"The Crash"

Peggy searches for something to inspire her while Don must handle an unexpected visitor on Mad Men.

"Man With a Plan"

Pete gets blindsided when a guest turns up unexpectedly and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce struggles to placate multiple clients.

"For Immediate Release"

Roger comes up with a unique plan to attract new business while Pete has an uncomfortable meeting with a client on Mad Men.

"The Flood"

Peggy begins to make plans to secure her future while Roger looks to gain a new client on Mad Men.

"To Have and To Hold"

Joan gets a surprising visit from someone from her past while the partners desperately try to keep a new campaign a secret on Mad Men.

"The Collaborators"

Peggy must deal with an unmotivated staff while Don has issues with an important client on Mad Men.

"The Doorway (Part 1 & 2)"

Rogers receives sad news on part 1 and 2 of the Mad Men Season 6 premiere, while Don visits Hawaii.

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