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Mad Men Season 5

"The Phantom"

Pete encounters a stranger on the train, while opportunities abound on the season five finale of Mad Men.

"Commissions and Fees"

Don Draper receives an intriguing lead on this episode of Mad Men. He proceeds to follow up on it.

"The Other Woman"

On Mad Men, Don must deal with a difficult pitch while Peggy considers leaving on a trip.

"Christmas Waltz"

Christmas ends up rewarding many characters on Mad Men this week, while Harry does a solid for a friend.

"Dark Shadows"

Don grows especially competitive on Mad Men this week, Sally is met with a challenge.

"Lady Lazarus"

Peggy keeps a secret to herself on this episode of Mad Men, while Don is in for a surprise.

"At the Codfish Ball"

Sally helps out a relative on this episode of Mad Men. Elsewhere, Don, Roger and Pete team up to gather new clients.

"Far Away Places"

Peggy worries about a tough pitch. Don works on a potential client on Mad Men.

"Tea Leaves"

The firm makes a push for new business this week, giving Peggy more responsibility in the process. Don and Harry, meanwhile, go all out for a new client.

"Signal 30"

Lane makes an interesting new friend on this episode of Mad Men, while Pete plays host.

"Mystery Date"

Don encounters someone from the past this week, while Joan arrives at a major decision.

"A Little Kiss"

Don is greeted with a surprise on the season five opener, while Pete and Roger clash and Joan has a problem with a houseguest.

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