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It's Chloe's birthday and everyone in the department is singing to her when a birthday cake shows up with a stripper. Ella ordered the stripper. Lucifer gets a call from the Las Vegas PD that Candy is missing. Ella says she's going to help him.

They arrive at the crime scene and talk with the detective on the case. They are being secretive and the detective suspicious.

Chloe visits Dr. Linda to talk about Lucifer. They decide to go to Lucifer's place to look for Lucifer. Meanwhile, Lucifer and Ella look for the killer. Lucifer has a flashback to when he met Candy and who he thinks could be after her -- Louis Paglioni.

They break into Louis' place and find him dead.

Linda and Chloe come up empty at Lucifer's place. She wants to celebrate and Dr. Linda suggests partying it up at Lucifer's place. They have a party with themselves and have a good time digging through his stuff.

Chloe is upset that Lucifer is in Vegas. She tries to convince Linda that she is over Lucifer as a potential romantic partner. Chloe comes across a secret safe.

Ella and Lucifer arrive at the casino where Louis' wife, Roxy, is.

Ella and Lucifer play blackjack. They keep winning and then get called to go to go the the casino's backroom where they are photographed and searched. It seems Ella was counting cards. 

They meet Roxy and learn she didn't kill her husband. Meanwhile, Chloe is trying to get into the safe. Dan shows up.

Ella and Ella get kicked out of the casino. Ella says she started counting cards to stop hearing the "voices" but she doesn't elaborate.

Lucifer has another flashback again to how he and Candy were married. Candy shows up in a disguise and tells them what's going on. Lucifer comes up with a plan to catch the killer.

The plan is to have him sing at the piano at a club with showgirls. Ella is a showgirl while Candy is monitoring the back, but no luck.

Dan is helping to break open the safe. 

The killer ends up being the bartender at the club. Candy shows up to confront Ted. He thinks she was dead. Ella shoots the guy. Everything is a-okay.

Ella and Lucifer return to Vegas. Lucifer finds the gang passed out on his couch. Lucifer talks to a sleeping Chloe about his Vegas trip. She wakes up and hears what he's saying. he notices the exposed safe. He opens the safe and has a present for Chloe. It's a necklace with the bullet she shot him with in the warehouse.

They hug and all is well.









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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Hanging out with a cop in Las Vegas is like bringing your grandmother to an orgy.


Hard to get your glitter on when you're in a lab all day.