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A girl is running to her cool car. That she's dying while owning that car is a travesty.

Lucifer thinks everything is fine now that The Sinnerman is behind human bars. Maze thinks he's nuts.

Chloe tells Ella The Sinnerman killed Pierce's brother. It just makes Ella even more into him.

Chloe is sure it's over now that The Sinnerman is caught. While Pierce and Lucifer wag their dicks, she goes in to talk to Mr. Man. He toys with her and has a lot of smart comments.

Ella bursts into the interiew with The Sinnerman's phone. It's ringing. The girl with the cool car is tied inside a reservoir that's slowly filling up. The only way they'll find her is if they go on a field trip. Of course, only Lucifer knows he's likely a supernatural, but nobody else knows that.

Tom, Dick, and Dullard. Love it.

The girl is from the roller derby and when they get there, her friend runs.

They play Cherry Bomb.

Charlotte runs into Trixie and Dan at the coffee shop where Trixie orders an espresso and tries to pass it off as something mommy allows her to do.

When Chloe and Lucifer find Maggie's car, he opens the door and pulls a hand grenade pin. Oops.

Chloe finally decides they need to break out Sinnerman.

The next 15 minutes are wasted time of Chloe and Lucifer planning The Sinnerman's breakout, but Pierce is the at the very end because he wouldn't let them break out Sinnerman without him.

Charlotte is babysitting Trixie, where the latter discovers the former has two kids. She doesn't get why Charlotte doesn't hang out with her kids. Then she wonders if Charlotte is having sex with her dad.

Those out hiking find Maggie, but Lucifer and The Sinnerman are gone.

Maggie kidnapped herself. She went to the guy who grants people favors. He killed her competition and demanded she kidnap herself. Now Chloe knows Lucifer kidnapped The Sinnerman.

With The Sinnerman awake, Lucifer draws eyes on his bandages. He has an estate in the hills. And The Sinnerman? I think he's only a human.

Lucifer thinks killing The Sinnerman is exactly what he's supposed to do because he's a human. He's a mess.

Lucifer tries to behead the Sinnerman but sees the cute eyes he drew and needs to make a change. He blackens the eyes but still can't do it. The guy is stumbling and bumbling and generally not putting up a fight.

When Lucifer figures out he wanted to die by Lucifer's hand, Lucifer needed to know why. Then Pierce shot him and sent to Lucifer a look. The look says Pierce set it up.

When Lucifer tries to tell Chloe things went terribly wrong, she is too pissed at him to listen.

When Dan picks up Trixie, he arrives at her office to see the two sporting the same hairstyle. After Trixie leaves, Charlotte calls to talk to her kids.

Ella's crush is soon over when Pierce screams at her in front of everyone, at the same time Lucifer is looking through evidence and sees what looks a lot like Pierce's arm in one of the photos.

Lucifer calls Pierce to Lux and stabs him in the heart to prove he's immortal. It takes a little longer for Pierce to wake up than Lucifer expected, but he does, and he's just who Lucifer expected.

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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Girl: That's so hard.
Lucifer: Yes, always. But let me help you with your stick first.

Good luck mojoing the blind guy.