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Lucifer has a woman in the loft at the Lux.When they get to the business his wings appear and he asks the woman to leave.

He's at Dr. Linda's office talking about the wings. She's concerned he's too focused on the wings and the face. They talk about the Sinnerman.

Chloe finds the guy who killed the guy under the pier. Chloe thinks the Sinnerman is an urban myth. Marcus gives Chloe a new case.

Chloe and Lucifer meet Dan at the crime scene. Ella arrives with new information. She thinks he was tortured before he dies.

Marcus is watching them from afar using binoculars.

Chloe and Lucifer are watching a YouTube video J.D. posted the day before he died. He accused Bobby Lowe of stealing his jokes.

They head to talk to Bobby Lowe with Ella.

Amenadiel meets up with Dr. Linda at the Lux. She thanks him for saving her life. They talk about his powers.

They go to the penthouse to find Lucifer's cut off wings. He's upset that Lucifer didn't dispose of the wings and left them there for anyone to find.

Dan tries to talk to Marcus, but Marcus is being a dick. He doesn't like that Dan is a "dirty" cop. He wants all the intel Dan gathered on Lucifer. They meet with Bobby at JD. They have questions, but Lowe has a taping. He tells the detectives to take a seat.

Lucifer interrupts the show. He grabs a puppet and there's a gun in there and shoots Bobby. He doesn't do it on purpose. Bobby denies killing JD. He works his charms on Bobby and is astounded that they work. Then Bobby admits that he stole JD's act. Ella is upset.

Dr. Linda and Amenadiel work on getting rid of the wings. 

Chloe and Lucifer look through the threats Bobby was getting. 

Lucifer is talking to Maze on the phone. Marcus visits Lucifer at the Lux. He says he figured out what he really is. He wants to talk about the Sinnerman and tells Lucifer to stop investigating the Sinnerman. A warning.

Linda and Amenadiel throw the wings in the dumpster and set it on fire. Linda thinks they should say something. Amenadiel thinks it's a test. 

Lucifer tells Chloe about his conversation with Marcus. Dan interrupts with information about the case. 

Dan is at Improv. He's doing JD's jokes about micropenis. The jokes fall flat. Lucifer starts throwing tomatoes at Dan after making some of his own jokes. Dan is not happy at all. 

A guy thanks Lucifer for defending micropenises and they take the guy in for questioning. He says JD stole his work.They get the name of another comedienne.

They find Bobby on the floor and he tells them about Sheila. She apparently has a gun. 

Marcus warns Lucifer about the Sinnerman again. He wants Lucifer to keep Chloe out of the Sinnerman investigation. lucifer is asked to question the Sinnerman's thug. He uses his charm on the guy to find out information. Lucifer still has his strength. The guy doesn't know anything about the Sinnerman.

Lucifer is back in Dr. Linda's office. She wants to talk about his wings.  Lucifer is starting to give favors again. There's a long line of people who want him to do favors. He felt he needed to get back into the game. Sinnerman be damned.



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I suppose a little foreplay never hurt anyone.


I won't stand for someone making something I'm not.