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Maze and Linda are drinking and talking about souls. Maze is waiting for her bounty who is heading to her bounty.

Maze is going after Ben Rivers. She's going to Canada to chase after him. Trixie wants to go with but Maze tells her she needs to stay to protect her mom.

Dan is going on vacation. Chloe is concerned about Maze in Canada. Lucifer isn't.

Maze goes into another lodge looking for Ben. She convinces the lodge owner to tell him where she's at. 

Chloe and Lucifer question a woman about Rivers. Lucifer works his charms on the woman to find out information about Rivers. She tells him everything. 

Maze captures her quarry, but he turns the tables on her and escapes. 

Chloe call Maze to check up on her. Lucifer hangs up the phone. He's not worried about her.

Maze finds Ben from the address that Lucifer just texted her. Maze fights Ben. Chloe meets with Herrera, the cop who convinced Maze to get Ben. Ben tells Maze that he's going to double cross her. 

Room service lady comes in and tries to kill Ben. A gunfight ensues. Maze stabs the woman and Ben gets shot.

Lucifer is talking with Linda about Chloe and Maze. Maze calls Linda for help in fixing wound. Lucifer thinks Ben broke Maze.

Ben tries convincing Maze that he didn't kill the teenagers. She doesn't believe him. Dan checks in on Maze. Ben takes off when Maze isn't looking. Maze goes after him.

Lucifer wants to go to Canada to help Maze but talks to a security guard instead. They figure out that Rivers is innocent. 

The room service lady has a gun to Rivers' head and Maze fights them off. He's her bounty. Dan shows up and helps her fight them off. 

Dan tells Rivers and Maze to go and he'll handle the cops. Lucifer and Chloe confront Hererra. 

Maze tells Rivers the news and tells him he's free. He wants her to come with him. Maze is back home. Somebody puts pictures of Maze in a file drawer that had files for Amenadiel and others.



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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

No rest for the soulless.


Chloe: What the hell are you doing?
Lucifer: Reminding you that you're not Maze's mother. She's got her big girl pants on. She's fine.