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Lucifer is following his mother when Amenadiel tells him that he thinks Lucifer may be in danger but Amenadiel doesn't tell him why Maze is angry with him. She's angry because Lucifer didn't tell her about their plan to go back to heaven.

They find the guy that Charlotte was having lunch with who claimed he had the other piece of the sword. The guy ends up dead.

Maze visits Dr. Linda. Dr. Linda is being visit by the head of the Ethics committee. She vows to help Dr. Linda.

Lucifer is in Chloe's office. She has paperwork she wants him to help. Charlotte shows up. She wants Chloe to help her, but she refuses. Charlotte continues, agrees to investigate and visits the scene where the guy is dead.

Charlotte refuses to leave the scene. She wants to help on the case.

Ella tells Chloe the nitty gritty about the victim.

Charlotte visits Dan at the station. She wants to have sex at the station. She tells him she likes him. 

They go into Ella's office where she fills them in on what she found on the victim's phone. Chloe kicks Charlotte off the case, but she's able to keep herself back on the case because the suspect is having a party. Chloe agrees to go with Charlotte to the party the suspect is having.

Lucifer visits Dr. Linda, but finds Maze in her office. She tells him that Dr. Linda has been suspended because of him. She's not happy.

Amenadiel shows up at the station and asks Dan if he's seen Charlotte or Lucifer.

Chloe shows up at the party looking badass. Charlotte is impressed. Chloe tells Charlotte the plan on how to get the suspect.

Maze and Lucifer visit the head of the Ethics department to try to get her reinstated. He's not impressed and won't remove the suspension. Then Lucifer spills the beans about sleeping with Dr. Linda and other things. Maze pulls him out of there.

Charlotte tells the suspect's mom that her son is a suspect in the murder investigation. She confronts the boy and learns he dropped his phone at the car scene. They see Chloe listening and move to a quieter place. After they leave Chloe is about to leave but the mom stops her.

Dan and Amenadiel are at a bar where Amenadiel learns that Dan is in improv. Dan gets a text and has to leave.

At the party, the mom wants to know who Chloe is and Chloe talks herself out of the situation then leaves.

Maze punches Lucifer. Lucifer figures out what she's upset about, but she keeps beating on him. He tries to explain what's going on. They get into a huge fight right in the middle of a public square. No one even stops as they are bloodying each other up. They agree to take a break and just talk about things.

Ella shares information about the phone with Chloe and Dan. 

Maze and Lucifer visit Dr. Linda. She's nervous that they killed the Ethics committee guy. Dr. Linda explains to Lucifer why Maze is angry with him. he doesn't get it until he sees that Maze is very upset. Then he apologizes in his own type of way.

Dr. Linda is packing up her stuff. Maze promises to take care of the situation.

The mom visits Charlotte and tries to make  deal for the final piece of the flaming sword. If Charlotte doesn't agree she'll make the piece disappear forever. She wants the phone back.

Charlotte visits Ella and asks about the phone. She says that she might be able to unlock the phone. Ella agrees but warns Charlotte that if she hurts Dan she'll break her legs. Ella gets a call and leaves giving Charlotte the opportunity to take the phone but Chloe comes in.

Chloe visits Lucifer at the penthouse. She tells Lucifer she knows who Charlotte is and how they are related.  Chloe thinks Charlotte is Lucifer's stepmom. Chloe tells Lucifer how it all came about why she was trying to steal the phone.

Charlotte takes the phone to the mom. Chloe and Lucifer are listening in a van. A guy scans the phone. The mom gives Charlotte the key when Chloe barges in because Charlotte disengaged her wire. Chloe searches Charlotte before she lets her go, but Charlotte had passed the key to Lucifer.

Inside the safety deposit box is a book in some language that only Amenadiel understands. Charlotte is going crazy because she wants it translated immediately when Amendiel tells her it's going to take a couple of days to translate.

Maze visits the Ethics board guy to take care of business.

Dan visits Choe at her desk and congratulates her on solving the case. They talk about Charlotte being Lucifer's stepmom.

Charlotte meets with the mom's son and he stabs her. Light comes out of her stomach and he burns up. She's still injured though. Amenadiel figures something out about the three pieces of the sword. The missing part is the key which Amenadiel belives is Lucifer's ring. So they try to see if the ring works when they find out that Amenadiel's necklace is the key. He's the favorite son.



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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Dan: I'm not having sex with you here.
Charlotte: I need something to pass the time until we get a lead.
Dan: I don't understand you. Or whatever this is between us.
Charlotte: Well, it's simple Daniel Espinoza. I like you.

Dan: I went through a lot this last year. Improv sort of helped me reorientate myself.
Amenadiel: How?
Dan: Well, it took me stepping outside of myself to figure out who I really was. To stop defining myself by other people.