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Low Winter Sun Season 1

"Ann Arbor; Surrender"

In the Low Winter Sun season 1 finale, the DPD finds a serious lead in the McCann investigation while Frank's sanity comes into question.


Frank testifies in court. Geddes takes his family on a trip. Meanwhile, Damon and Maya start their new lives under Skelos.

"There Was a Girl"

The DPD catches a break on the McCann case. Damon and Maya's freedom is threatened. Lies from the past bring Geddes and Frank to a confrontation.

"The Way Things Are"

Damon must ask and enemy for help while Frank continues his search for Katia on Low Winter Sun.

"Cake on the Way"

Damon finds out their are consequences to his ambitions while DPD's investigation ends up being linked with a low level murder on Low Winter Sun.


Tensions continue to grow in the Blind Pig, while Frank's search for Katia lead him to a dark new world on Low Winter Sun.

"No Rounds"

Geddes and Frank tries to cover up the evidence in McCann's murder on Low Winter Sun.

"The Goat Rodeo"

When the police search McCann's house, evidence is found that changes the case on Low Winter Sun.

Low Winter Sun introduces us to a pair of Detroit detectives. They conspire to kill a dirty cop.

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