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Louie Season 3

"New Year's Eve"

On the third season finale, Louie is invited to Mexico and struggles with the upcoming holiday.

"The Late Show (Part 3)"

Louie's big break isn't all he hoped it would be as he hosts The Late Show

"Late Show (Part 2)"

On Louie, after his late show experience, Louis sets off on his quest.

"Late Show (Part 1)"

Louie hopes to finally catch his big break in part 1 of a three part Louie.

"Looking for Liz; Lilly Changes"

Louie embarks on a search for lost love this week. Read on for a recap.


On Louie, Louie must handle an annoying medical condition.

"Ikea; Piano Lesson"

On Louie, Louie heads out on a shopping trip with an old friend.

"Barney; Never"

On Louie, an annoying child ruins Louie's day. Read on for a recap of another great episod.

"Daddy's Girflriend (Part 2)"

On the conclusion of this two part episode, Louis goes out on a date. Read on to find out what went down.

"Daddy's Girflriend (Part 1)"

On the first part of a two part episode, Louie searches for love. Read on for a recap.


On Louie, Louie takes a trip down to Miami for some fun in the sun. Read on for a recap.

"Telling Jokes/Set up"

Louie is set up on a really awkward blind date this week. Seriously, you won't believe what/who goes down.

"Something is Wrong"

Louie is back with a new season, and another very awkward situation for the show's hilarious title character.

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