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An artist, Jason, is painting Dark Fae secrets as graffiti on walls. Morrigan enlists Bo to find Jason and stop him. Bo isn't sure if Jason is being manipulated by Morrigan or Vex. They are both battling each other for power. In the end, Morrigan's assistant, Bianca, was the one who was controlling Jason. She wanted to gain control from both Morrigan and Vex. When the secret came out, Bianca killed herself.


The Ash came to Bo's house to force Lauren to come back to him. While working for Morrigan, Bo found out that Lauren had a girlfriend and the way to free Lauren was to save Lauren's girlfriend. Bo feels betrayed by Lauren once again.

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Bo: I liked it better when I was the mom.
Kenzi: Honey, you were never the mom.

Bo: Lauren stuff.
Kenzi: Did you get her pregnant?