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The Blackthorn arrives in town to announce the coming Selection Games to replace The Ash. The competition includes a political session and then the Stag hunt. The situation becomes complicated when the Stag, Sabine, shows up asking Bo to help her. She wants to see her love, Hamish, before she dies in the hunt. She was imprisoned when the Light Fae found out that she was going to marry, Hamish, a Dark Fae.


Bo agrees to help her and tracks down Hamish. He refuses to see her, but then shows up at the Games. Bo and friends rig the games, so that Sabine appears to have died. Lauren is there to bring her back to life. This allows Sabine and Hamish to escape together.


Bo and Dyson finally talk. He tells her that he cannot love her. They are over. Bo is upset, but realizes that he made the sacrifice to save her life. She must lie to him and say they can be friends.


The Blackthorn questions Trick about whether he is the Blood King. Trick denies it, says he doesn't want any power, but the Council must not look for Aife.

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

You kinda sprung some big stuff on me. Trading in your feelings to save my live -- that's one messed-up love letter.


How many couples get to fall in love twice?