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One of Dyson's friends from his old pack comes to town to visit. He tells Dyson he needs help to stop the sale of a Weapon of Mass Destruction. Since the WMD is in Dark Fae territory, Dyson asks Bo to help him. Bo wins an auction for the weapon, a Mongolian  Death Worm, which is an old lady with laser powers.


When Bo goes to take the old lady, Dyson's friend shows up to double cross them. Dyson is upset that he was fooled. But, Bo is able to get the old lady back. She takes the old lady with her laser abilities to The Ash for safekeeping.



Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Dyson: What am I? A German Shepard?
Kenzi: Oh my god --- guys, this just in! You're a policeman who's also his own police dog.

We need you to put your sniffer into hyperdrive and help us with an ID.