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Lost Girl Season 1

"Blood Lines"

The secrets of Bo's past are revealed on the season finale of Lost Girl, while a war between Dark and Light looms.

"(Dis)Members Only"

Bo, Dyson and Kenzi head undercover this week at a country club in order to investigate some unusual disappearances.

"Faetal Justice"

Dyson wakes up covered in blood this week. He's then accused of killing Ba'al.

"The Mourning After"

Bo and Saskia team up for a case this week. It involves sex and murder.

"Fae Day"

A banshee's cry interrupts Fae holiday this week on Lost Girl and sends Bo on a mission.


Bo takes on the case of a death row inmate she believes to be innocent on this installment of Lost Girl


A bite from a danger Fae sends Kenzi, Bo and Hale into a state of paranoia on Lost Girl this week.

"Food for Thought"

Bo and Lauren search this week for the cure of an illness, which leads them to an unexpected discovery.

"Dead Lucky"

Bo has a chance to learn the secrets of her past this week a Dark Fae with a major problem comes around.

"Faetal Attraction"

Bo is all about protection this week, after a fury attempts to hire her to kill the her husband's other woman.

"Oh, Kappa, My Kappa"

It's undercover time for Bo and Kenzi on Lost Girl this week. They must find a missing college student.

"Where There's a Will, There's a Fae"

Bo attempts to recover stolen items from a collector this week. This is the second episode of Syfy's version of Lost Girl.

"It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World"

Viewers get to know Bo on the premiere of Lost Girl. She's a rather unique individual.

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