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When zombie attack, Bo works with Tamsin and Acacia to find out who is controlling them. Watch Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 11 online to find out who else comes back from the dead and who dies.
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On Lost Girl, people long thought dead return along with zombies. Also, tragedy strikes and Team Bo will never be the same.
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On Lost Girl, the mystery of Bo's time on the train is revealed and is quite shocking. When all is done, has she turned Dark for real?
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Bo gets left alone by her friends and finds herself in a seemingly neverending time loop until she finds Tamsin's in the same position. Watch Lost Girl now to find out how they get out of it.
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Anna Silk stars on Lost Girl as Bo, a powerful female entity who feeds off sexual energy. She was raised like anyone else... until learning about her true nature after "draining" her first boyfriend.

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