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Longmire Season 1

"Unfinished Business"

On Longmire's first season finale, a teen is murder just after being acquitted of sexually assaulting a Cheyenne girl.

"Dogs, Horses, and Indians"

On Longmire, an underground poker game ties into a murder investigation. Cady and Branch's affair comes to light.

"An Incredibly Beautiful Thing"

On Longmire, when a missing woman and a crazy cult are involved in a murder, Henry offers his tracking skills to assist in the investigation.

"8 Seconds"

On Longmire, a vicious assault on a beer distributor stumps Walt. Is Vic's husband jealous of her and Walt's relationship?

"The Worst Kind of Hunter"

On Longmire, a retired Sheriff tries to join the investigation into a bear attack which may actually have been a murder.

"Dog Soldier"

On Longmire, there is a frantic search for missing Cheyenne foster children when a sex offender is in the area.

"The Cancer"

On Longmire, a teenager from a Cheyenne reservation is one of two murder victims.

"A Damn Shame"

On Longmire, when a man and his horses are killed in a barn fire, Walt suspects foul play.

"The Dark Road"

On Longmire, the body of an exotic dancer is found on Longmire's territory and the team realizes she wasn't from town.


We meet Walt Longmire on the series premiere. He's a sheriff in Wyoming trying to cope with his wife's death.

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