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Lux wakes up and watches Eric try to sneak out from Paige’s room. Needless to say, it’s very awkward. After another failed exam, she tells Eric that she doesn’t want him to be her tutor anymore.

Cate plans a surprise staycation for her and Ryan, while Baze tries to get in on the company retreat so that he can spend more time with Emma.

When Ryan and Cate get to the hotel, Baze shows up because that’s where the company retreat is taking place.  Baze begs them to switch rooms with him because his boss, Emma, is staying next door.

Once they switch rooms, Ryan hurts his back. Unable to move, they look at pictures from the wedding.  In one of the pictures, is Ryan talking to Julia.  Cate questions the picture and Ryan gets defensive. He right away brings up Baze which changes the subject and makes Cate go get ice.  

In a flashback, we see Ryan is wasted and hooks up with Julia before the marriage when he found out about Cate and Baze. Then we come to find out that Julia shows up and finds out that she may be pregnant.

Cate calls Paige to check in and finds out that Julia is his ex and the one that got away.  Cate comes back to the hotel room and confronts Ryan about it.  He fully admits to her everything. Cate asks him if Julia were pregnant would he have called off the wedding and he tells her that he doesn’t know.

Paige is in charge of watching Lux. First she gets them cocktails and invites Eric over to watch The Outsiders. Lux reluctantly agrees.  After the movie ends, they get in a heated argument and Lux gets Eric to admit that he just wants to get to know her any way he can.

Baze tries to put a move on Emma, but he gets denied. He goes to Cate’s room to talk to her and Ryan tells him that she left to go home. Baze automatically thinks its because of what transpired between him and Cate and Ryan had no idea what he was talking about.

When Ryan gets home he confronts Cate about her feelings for Baze then and she’s not sure if she would have gone through with the wedding.

Baze catches Emma’s boyfriend making out with another dude. Emma admits that Steve is just a friend and she uses him when she goes on retreats.  Baze gets the courage to admit to her that he really likes her. They end up making out in her office.

Eric tells Lux that she should get tested for a learning disability.  Paige comes home and tells Lux that Eric dumped her because he has feelings for someone else.  When she gets to school the next day, she finds out that Eric asked another teacher to step in as her tutor.

Cate is left home alone. She breaks the glass bowl that Julia gave them as a wedding gift.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

We're going on a staycation.


(to Ryan) Shower curtains for walls is not exactly sound proof.


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