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Cate and Ryan aren’t getting along well since they both shared the truth about their  past.

Meanwhile, Baze is getting cozy with his boss. He invites her to go on a special date. What she doesn't know is that he invited her on a school trip.

Tasha and Lux are heading to a weekend of camping with Math, Cate, Ryan, Baze and Eric. Lux isn’t too excited that Eric is going.  She confronts him and he still decides to go anyway because Math makes him.

Ryan ends up showing up to go camping for Lux. When everyone gets there, Ryan wants nothing to do with Cate. He switches teams with Emma so that he won’t have to deal with spending the day with her.

The scavenger hunt that Math puts together is supposed to bring the class closer together, but doesn’t work for Ryan and Cate. She tries to talk to him, but he refuses. Cate ends up blowing up on Ryan.

Lux isn’t too trilled with Tasha and Jones getting close.

Emma is having a miserable time until Baze pulls out all the strings for a romantic dinner on the bus which leads to them getting freaky.

Cate and Ryan have it out and end up passionately making love. Ryan thinks its breakup sex and Cate thought it was makeup sex.

Lux runs into Eric at the lake and tells him about how she’s feeling. He gets her to go swimming with him in the lake which leads to them kissing.  There’s a noise, which makes them stop.

When Lux gets back to camp, Tasha tells her that she was the one who saw what she was doing. Tasha tells her that this is their chance to be normal teenagers and she shouldn’t mess it up.

The next morning Ryan and Baze wake up and have a talk.  Ryan tells Cate that he will be there for therapy.

Lux talks to Eric about their feelings. She doesn’t want to continue the banter of not knowing so she walks away. When she gets on the bus, Eric opens a seat up for her and she sits down. He tells her that he can’t let her go and holds her hand.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Knock know. This is my version of breakfast in bed.


I said what if a part of me was in love with him.