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Ryan and Care are in bed when Cate proposes to Ryan and he says yes.  Later that day, Cate asks Lux to be her maid of honor and Lux happily accepts.  Abby calls and assumes that she is the maid of honor.

In Abby’s yoga class, Cate puts together that Abby is sleeping with Baze. Cate freaks out when she finds out that Lux knew about this already. Baze tells Cate that he is seeing Abby and she has to deal with it.

That morning Lux is getting to school when she runs to Jones.  He invites her to his house party. When she gets there, he purposely kisses her in the game suck and blow. Jones tells her that she is just a hard girl to get over.

A little later, Lux goes searching around Jones’s house when she finds him making out with a girl in his laundry room. She is obviously very mad and Jones doesn’t understand why. She made her choice to be with Bug, so he said he won’t wait around forever.

Meanwhile, Cate and Ryan are stressed out dealing with their family and wedding arrangements.  Cate tells Ryan that their wedding should be just about them - so they (plus Lux) should go elope that night.

Cate goes to pick Lux up at Baze’s when the power goes out and she gets stuck there.  She has it out with Abby about how she has wormed her way dysfunctional into every aspect of her life.

Math and Jamie help Baze realize that his situation with Abby is all wrong.  He tries to break it off with her and nothing is working when he admits that he has feelings for Cate - and of course, Cate walks in.

Abby yells at Cate for not appreciating Baze’s feelings and makes her realize that she has feelings for him too. Cate goes to talk to Baze about his feelings when he admits that he was lying in order for Abby to believe that they would never be an item.

Cate can’t believe that Baze would lie to both of them about his feelings. Baze ends up admitting to Abby that he was lying. She tells him that because that was his go-to lie, there is definitely some truth behind it.

Ryan picks up Lux and they head back to the station.  When they get there Ryan uses the headphones as a way to get Lux to talk. First she talks about the situation with Jones and Bug, then she gets into her past and how her friendship with Tasha started.

Finally the power comes back on and Lux gets to the bar. Lux tells Cate it’s okay for her to be mad at Baze. Abby and Cate have a sisterly moment.

Cate tells Ryan about her upset feelings about Baze and Abby. Ryan tells her its okay because he understands where she is coming from.

Ryan and Cate end up waiting to get married for two weeks. They go back to Baze’s to celebrate in a toast - and Lux notices that Baze is not that happy.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Ryan: 250 items? Why can't we just order barbecue and wing it.
Cate: You just said order barbecue and wing it.

You know what would be even cooler?