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There's never a dull moment when it comes to what's supposed to be happy matrimony for Wes and Stella and this week, when they'd' been planning on some romantic time alone, they're instead interrupted by a surprise visitor. 

If that wasn't bad enough, it worsens when Stella realizes that the woman on their doorstep, Pippa, is an ex-fiancee of Wes. Not just that, but she left him at the altar only five days before the two of them met and started their epic movie romance. 

Of course, the foundations of marriage and true love stories are meant to be shaken a touch every once and again to make sure those pillars really are the real deal and sturdy as hell but that doesn't stop Stella from spiraling. 

Aidan and Peter too continue to spiral as the latter is forced into situations he's uncomfortable with (like going to a late night concert while hopped up on ADHD medicine) while the former must take on the role of parent for his father. 

Of course by the end both pairings (romantic and familial) have made their momentary peace. Wes once again declares his love for Stella, no matter the obstacle in his way, while Peter tries to coax Aidan into admitting what he's doing now for work (selling drugs) isn't making him happy. 

There are no neat endings this week but rather a promise to build. And with Stella's curiosity in her doctor friend growing, it's only a matter of time before her station in life is shaken too. 

Life Sentence
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