Lie to Me Season 3

"Killer App"

The young executive of a social networking website is killed this week. We wonder from where writers got that idea.


Lightman looks into the kidnapping of a child this week. He discovers a few secrets being held by the kid's mother.


As a result of a fatal traffic accident, Lightman and his team are called in to investigate. He has questions for the paramedic first on the scene.


Lightman is hired by a wealthy woman on this episode. She wants the doctor to look into her new boyfriend's background.


Lightman checks himself into a mental hospital on this episode. Read on for a full recap of events.


A brutal murder shattered a prominent family on this episode of Lie to Me. Lightman thinks his client's sons might be involved.


Lightman assist a woman with early-onset Alzheimers this week. The goal is to help her solve a puzzle related to her spotty memory.

"Beyond Belief"

Lightman goes head-to-head with the leader of a self-help empire on this installment of Lie to Me. The nemesis is played by David Sutcliffe.

"The Canary's Song"

There's a coal mine explosion on this week's installment of Lie to Me. Cal risks his life to investigate the incident.

"Double Blind"

This week's case involves an art museum and the job of ensuring that security information does not get out before a major exhibition. In the process of this task, Lightman gets involved in a game of cat-and-mouse with a gorgeous woman.

"Dirty Loyal"

Internal Affairs hires the Lightman Group to look into an incident that involves Wallowski this week. Cal is also asked to review police profiling techniques.

"The Royal We"

Lightman aims to exonerate a man from a hostile mob on "The Royal We," while also helping a mother and daughter make up when he uncovers a secret.

"In the Red "

Lie to Me is back for a third season! On this return episode, Lightmn tries to stop a man from robbing a bank.

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