Lie to Me Season 2

"Black and White"

Lie to Me concludes its second season with "Black and White." Lightman investigates the death of a journalist on the episode.

"Darkness and Light"

There's a disappearance of a young woman on this week's episode of Lie to Me. This development leads the team to uncover a criminal element in the adult film business.


Foster's boyfriend, Agent Burns, is abducted on this week's Lie to Me episode. It then falls to Lightman to track him down.

"Pied Piper"

Lightman witnesses the execution of a murderer on this week's episode. It causes him to wonder: did he get the right man?


A fighter is found dead on this week's episode, "Headlock." From there, Cal tracks down the killer and risks being revealed as a gambler during the mission.

"Bullet Bump"

In "Bullet Bump", Lightman investigates what he believes to be a dirty cover-up. It centers around the Governor of Virginia and the the death of a young campaign worker found dead.


The Lightman Group gets involved a in case that forces Torres to reconnect with her half-sister on this week's episode. It's titled "Delinquent."

"Teacher and Pupils"

Following the violent shooting of an officer in a federal housing project, cops hire Cal to read the face of the paralyzed victim. It's a task only this unique doctor is built for.

"React to Contact"

Cal and company rely on cutting-edge science, and even virtual reality, to save the life of a war veteran this week. The episode is titled "React to Contact" and we've got a full recap of events from it now.

"The Whole Truth"

On this week's episode, Cal is called to testify in the trial of Clara. She's a sassy young widow played by Melissa George and is accused of murdering her husband.

"Sweet Sixteen"

The past comes back to haunt Lightman and Foster this week. They are forced to revisit events from it after a former Pentagon colleague is killed

"Beat the Devil"

Lie to Me is back! After months off the air, it returns with a new episode, which centers in Lightman investigating one of his mentor's graduate students.

Agent Reynolds
"Tractor Man"

This is the final Lie to Me episode of 2009. It's titled "Tractor Man."

"The Tractor Man"

This episode is titled "The Tractor Man." It features a farmer that demands to speak to the President.

"Secret Santa"

What went down on this episode of Lie to Me? We've got a brief rundown of "Secret Santa."

"Black Friday"

On this week's episode, a troubled teenager think he was abducted as a child and turns to the Lightman Group to help him discover the secrets of his past. ...

"Fold Equity"

It's off to Las Vegas this week. The episode is titled "Fold Equity" and is based around a poker tournament.

"Grievous Bodily Harm"

This episode of Lie to Me is titled "Grievous Bodily Harm." A blast from the past comes back into Lightman's life during it.


Garrett Dillahunt guest stars on this episode of Lie to Me. The installment is titled "Honey."

"The Core of It"

Lie to Me is back with a new season of episodes. This premiere is titled "The Core of It."

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