Leverage Season 5

"The Long Goodbye Job"

Will this be the team's final job on Leverage.

"The Toy Job"

When an unethical CEO prepares to sell dangerous toys for kids, the team decides to take him down on Leverage.

"The Corkscrew Job"

The team goes after a crooked winery owner on Leverage.

"The White Rabbit Job"

Nate and the team attempt to pull off a con of legend that's never been done before.

"The Low Low Price Job"

On the winter return of Leverage, when a big box superstore threatens to destroy a small town, the team takes them on.

"The Frame-Up Job"

Nate must clear Sophie's name when she's accused stealing valuable artwork on Leverage.

"The Rundown Job"

On Leverage, when a terrorist plans to launch an attack on Washington D.C., Parker, Eliot, Hardison, and a colonel team up to stop it.

"The Broken Wing Job"

On Leverage, Parker stumbles onto a robbery when she's left behind by the team after breaking her leg.

"The Real Fake Car Job"

On Leverage, Nate and the team use a classic antique car to reel in a Wall Street crook.

"The D.B. Cooper Job"

On Leverage, Nate tries to help a dying FBI agent by solving the mysterious of a 1970s hijacking.

"The Gimme a K Street Job"

On Leverage, a cheerleading company puts teenage girls lives in jeopardy, but the team may have to the US Congress to take them down.

"The French Connection Job"

On Leverage, the team goes after a restauranteur who destroys lives with his corruption.

"The First Contact Job"

On Leverage, when a scientist takes credit for a colleague's discovery, the team are on the case to take him down.

"The Blue Line Job"

On Leverage, the squad works to keep a hockey player from sustaining an injury when there is a plot to take down the team.

"The (Very) Big Bird Job"

The Leverage teams goes after a greedy shipping CEO - whose actions lead to a plane crash - on the Season 5 premiere.

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