Leverage Season 4

"The Last Dam Job"

It's all about taking down Latimer on the season four finale of Leverage. Look for Nate and company to recruit old friends in an attempt to do so.

"The Radio Job"

The team gets trapped this week on Leverage. It must stage a fake crisis hostage to escape a tricky situation.

"The Gold Job"

The unit gets into the cash-for-gold industry this week. An evil pair of siblings are the target.

"The Lonely Hearts Job"

Yes, it's a new episode of Leverage on Christmas day. Read on for a recap of "The Lonely Hearts Job."

"The Boys Night Out Job"

Go get 'em, guys! This Leverage episode gives the men a chance to do their thing without the ladies around.

"The Girls' Night Out Job"

Girl power! The ladies of Leverage take center stage on this installment of the TNT hit.

"The Office Job"

The team goes after an embezzlement scheme on Leverage this week. But the mission gets more complicated than initially anticipated.

"The Experimental Job"

The team looks into the disappearance of homeless veterans this week, as Leverage returns for its mini fall season.

"The Queen's Gambit Job"

Sterling tasks the team with a difficult mission on the summer finale: steal a nuclear-reactor component from a Dubai skyscraper.

"The Cross My Heart Job"

Nate and his team race to recover a stolen heart this week. It's meant for a sick 15-year old.

"The Boiler Room Job"

It's con artist versus con artist this week. The team takes on an experienced enemy.

"The Grave Danger Job"

The goal is to shut down a funeral director this week as She's embezzling from her clients.

"The Carnvial Job"

The team switches from conning a mark to helping him when his daughter is kidnapped in the middle of the job.

"The Hot Potato Job"

The team takes on the world of corporate agriculture this week. They must recover a unique artifact.

"The Van Gogh Job"

A Van Gogh painting goes missing this week. In the process of tracking it down, the team learns about an old romance.

"The 15 Minutes Job"

The team aims to take down a corrupt PR consultant this week. They attempt to do so by using his own methods against him.

"The 10 Li'l Grifters Job"

There's a problem with the team's con this week: someone kills its mark before the mission is complete.

"The Long Way Down Job"

Leverage is back for a fourth season. Read on for a rundown of "The Long Way Down Job."

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