Leverage Season 3

"The San Lorenzo Job"

The Italian returns on the Leverage season finale. Read on for a detailed recap of this key episode.

"The Big Bang Job"

This is the first part of the two-hour season finale. We hope viewers are ready to meet the infamous Morneau.

"The Ho, Ho, Ho Job"

The Leverage team takes over a mall on Christmas Eve. But when an old enemy surfaces, the real trouble begins.

"The Morning After Job"

To get inside information on Damien Moreau, Nate and the team head out to fool a hedge fund manager with a anger issues into revealing critical information. This is the show's season finale.

"The King George Job"

Sophie deals with her past this week, as the Leverage unit goes after a black market antiquities trafficker who preys on refugee children. The installment is titled "The King George Job."

"The Rashomon Job"

This is an interesting, unique episode of Leverage. It focuses on various viewpoints of the same issues and is aptly titled "The Rashomon Job."

"The Underground Job"

The Leverage squad takes on a corrupt coal mine owner this week. However, the team realizes it may have to destroy the local mining community's livelihood to take the evil doer down.

"The Three-Card Monte Job"

The target this week is a crook blackmailing businessmen into doing bad things. During the hour, Nate finds out that his father is the culprit responsible.

"The Boost Job"

The mission this week is to take on a crooked car dealer. Therefore, Nate and the team go undercover as car thieves. The episode is title "The Boost Job."

"The Gone Fishin' Job"

This week's target? A greedy debt collector who rips off taxpayers. However, during the team's mission, it discovers that this man is also financing an armed militia group.

"The Studio Job"

The team goes after a corrupt country and western record executive on this week's episode. For their mission, they must turn Eliot into a star.

"The Double Blind Job"

The Leverage team goes up against a pharmaceutical CEO on this week's episode, as he plans to distribute a deadly drug for big profits.

"The Scheherazade Job"

Hardison acts as a violinist on this week's episode. As he goes through those motions, the rest of the team must break into a thief's vault.

"The Inside Job"

Parker goes missing on this week's Leverage episode. As a result, the squad has come find her before time runs out. Read on for a full recap.

"The Reunion Job"

The unit took on a corrupt software magnate this week, as they infiltrated the crook's high school reunion. How did that go? Find out now!

"The Jailhouse Job"

This is the third season premiere of Leverage. It's a special two-hour installment and we've got a detailed recap of events from it.

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