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Sam is brutally killed in a construction office.

Trish is cooking breakfast for Avery. Roger is making breakfast for Riggs in the trailer.

Riggs and Murtaugh talk about Molly. Riggs wants to get back together with her.

Roger and Riggs show up at the construction site. They are arguing.

Bailey gives the guys all the details.

Avery and Roger meet with Sam's girlfriend to ask her questions.

Riggs talks to Cahill about Molly.

Bailey gives Riggs a lead on the case. Riggs and Murtaugh go to talk to the guy who visited Sam before he was killed. Gary Filmore.

Roger and Riggs ruin Trish's deal and building detonation when they arrest Filmore.

Trish and Roger are having a huge fight at the station.

Riggs talks to Molly about cooking for Butler later in the evening.

Molly is cooking but she's not being very friendly to Riggs. She's very upset with him.

Things go sour when Riggs figures out that Butler was involved in the murder somehow. Everything is ruined.

Riggs talks to Cahill about the disaster with Molly and the BBQ night.

Bailey figures something out about squash and Butler. 

Trish is forced to get on the plane with Butler. She knows he's dirty.

Trish and Roger makeup.  Riggs visits Molly. They try to make up but Molly isn't for it.

Lethal Weapon
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