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A group of guys rob the guns from a gun buyback. One of the members of their crew is killed by another member.

Ruthie and Riggs have been spending every day together playing games and joking around for the past week or so. When Ruthie gets a mysterious phone call that has her super tense, she tells Riggs that she has to get moving.

Riggs looks into who could be calling her. He confronts the guy. It's Ruthie's son. he tells her that she owes a lot in tickets and that he's the one who is contacted for all of them.

They don't have the best relationship, and he assumes that Riggs is her latest boy-toy. Roger and Avery assume it too.

Roger has been sleeping on the couch. He and Trish are still at odds. Apparently, Trish has been talking to Riggs and Avery. Both men encourage Roger to make up with Trish. 

The kids try to get their parents to make up. Trish is upset when Roger takes his motorcycle and starts driving it around. While arriving to a scene on his bike, Roger admires a classic car, and the car's owner admires his motorcycle and Roger.

Trish runs over Roger's bike. When Rianna points out that she is being childish. Trish makes dinner and attempts to make up with Roger, but he buys a new car on a whim and Trish kicks him out. Roger goes to crash at Riggs'

Ruthie blows up at Riggs for getting involved in her business. She calls him out on being lonely and tells him he's a lost cause. Riggs spirals a bit. He sleeps in the morgue. Ruthie makes up with him, but she tells him that she's leaving. He doesn't want to see her go, but she does.

The person linked to the robbery is an undercover ATF agent. He goes off the cuff and screws up while investigating. He ends up taking Roger hostage in an elevator. Riggs goes to great lenghts to rescue Roger.

They follow the agent to the meeting spot with the man who bought the guns. Roger pretends to be a deal broker, but Riggs shows up pretending to be the same person. 

Strickland, the crime lord, tells Roger to shoot Riggs. Riggs tells him too. He does, but the gun isn't loaded. There is a shootout, but Avery comes just in time.

Lethal Weapon
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Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Riggs: When I talked to Trish I thought maybe she was overreacting.
Roger: You talk to Trish? That is an unbelievable betrayal.
Riggs: Oh she calls, I don't want to be rude.
Roger: You ignore my phone calls all the time.

Roger: And how did you sleep last night?
Trish: Right in the middle of the bed. Spread out.