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There's a botox party going on somewhere when the doc shows up dead.

Roger is helping RJ pack up for college. Riggs is in Cahill's office talking about being normal and Agent Palmer.

Roger and Det. Bailey arrives at the scene. Scorsese is there and Riggs is already on the scene. Riggs helps Roger with his back.

Riggs and Roger are in Avery's office and he tells them that LAPD is sending over a Deputy Chief to evaluate the department. Dep. Chief Santos arrives and introduces herself to them all.  Roger tells Riggs about his history with Santos. Roger thinks she likes him.

Det. Bailey interrupts with information about the dead guy and she gives them body cams courtesy of Santos.

They get to the other doctor's office and chase after a guy who runs. They take him down.

Santos is looking at Roger's body cam and she sees what happened with Roger.  Roles are reversed. Roger is looking like the crazy one and Riggs looks crazy.

Riggs visits Palmer in her office to bring her into the drug ring case. Palmer has been benched from cartel duty. Things don't go smoothly and he leaves when she isn't interested, but after he leaves she looks at the tape again and sees someone she recognizes.

RJ tries to convince his dad to let him live at home instead of living at the dorm 45 minutes away. Trish says n.

Riggs is looking over the case files when Avery comes by. Riggs is about to go out to question a suspect when Avery decides to go with him. The suspect runs and Palmer catches him and takes him away much to the chagrin of the others.

They try to explain the situation to Santos. It's funny that Avery is part of the dynamic.

Riggs gets a call from Palmer and he gets information from her. It's a big flirty conversation. But they are in a race to solve the case first.

Roger and Riggs arrive at the pharmacy to get information when Palmer shows up. They find a woman who knows stuff and take her in and question her. She admits to killing Dr. Harris, the doctor killed at the beginning of the hour.

Roger tells Santos about what's going on in the case. Roger brings up the finger linger issue. Santos is not amused. 

RJ is getting ready to leave for school when Trish comes into his room with a yearbook to show him when she went to school.

Palmer comes up with a plan to sting the Russian by pretending to be Sarah.

Palmer arrives at Orlov's boat. Riggs and team are watching nearby. Palmer gets into trouble and Riggs and Murtaugh come to the rescue.

Murtaugh and Avery is in Santos' office. Avery isn't getting his office back anytime soon.

Trish and Roger drop RJ off at college. Trish is having a hard time letting go. 

Palmer and Riggs get together at the liquor store.









Lethal Weapon
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