Mr. Poe The Banker - Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
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The kids found the body and Olaf tried to take them to Peru. They declined his invitation, but he then told them Sunny was in the case and stabbed holes in one next to it. They got in the car. As they started driving, a car drove in and forced then to crash 

Mr Poe arrived. He had the children's passports and wanted to see Monty.  Olaf talked him round, but the kids said he was bad.

Showed kids the ankle and there's no tattoo. Mr. Poe called the police and they thought it was a joke because of Montgomery Montgomery.

Olaf got one of his friends to come for the body, posing as a female nurse.

Olaf went away to examine body with the fake nurse. They say the autopsy was complete and blamed it on the incredibly deadly viper.

The snake went missing.

the troupe then made a fake quarantine to keep the kids and Poe there

Theater troupe were working as the responders to the quarantine

Olaf went to get the kids, but they were hiding. Sunny helps Violet open the suitcase, but the missing snake appeared and Olaf caught her.

Back at the house the snake was playing with Sunny, proving the kids' point that the snake did not kill Monty.

The kids reveal they are sure Olaf did the deed. Violet showed off the suitcase.

She then showed the venom jar that he stole and said he used a double-barrelled syringe to kill Monty and replicate a snake bite.

Mr. Poe demanded Olaf's left ankle and cleaned it. The eye appeared.

The reptiles then rose up to save the children

The screeching Iguana chased Olaf off.

Poe refuses to go after Olaf so the kids did.

Olaf went through a hatch in an apparent dead end.

The statue came to life. It was Jacquelyn. She said Aunt Josephine would be the best to give them the answers and told them to leave Olaf to her.

The reptiles were sent away. The kids then revealed they were going to Josephine's.

The kids are curious about Jacquelyn and asked about her to Mr. Poe, who revealed she came highly recommended from their parents.

Jacquelyn followed the trail of disguises and caught up with the boat and confronted him.

He made her think a spider was on him and escaped out the window into the water. She got Klaus' telescope back.

The parents were in a pub in Peru and could not get an answer on the phone, but they got ready to fight. 

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
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Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Violet: You're just going to leave him there?
Olaf: Trust me, he doesn't mind.

Well, we meet again. You might want to ease off on the bronzer.

Count Olaf