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13 Couples Who Could've Had It All

13 Couples Who Could've Had It All

These couples got so close. Either they got their relationship to work and failed or their flirtationship was their peak, though some were just taken away.
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Lucas: She was assaulted. Is that what she said happened?
Carisi: No. That is what happened. She was raped.
Lucas: No it wasn't. I would never rape anyone. It was curative intercourse. I was saving her soul.

Anne: My mother thinks I'm napping. She's afraid I'll go to see Lydia.
Olivia: Do you want to see Lydia?
Anne: Lydia's a good person, even if she's... um...
Olivia: Homosexual? You're a good person too.
Anne: Man's law and God's law say two different things and I don't know which to believe.
Olivia: Maybe you don't need to know. You just need to tell the truth.
Anne: About my feelings for Lydia or what Lucas did to me?
Olivia: You know, Anne, I believe in God too. I don't know what He has planned for you or me or anybody. But I do know one thing. What Lucas did to you was wrong.