On Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 5, Benson struggles with her feelings when she must arrest an ex-partner's son for raping a girl at a party.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 5 revolves around Ellis Griffin, a young businessman whose future evaporates when he is accused of raping a young woman at a party.

Ellis has just received a promotion at Goldman Sachs when he goes to a party where a girl appears interested in him. Throughout the evening, the two both get more and more drunk and he runs into her in a bathroom, where she suggests they go out for air. The next thing he knows, the police are called and Ellis is brought into SVU.

Ellis claims he had consensual sex with the girl on top of some garbage bags. A witness claims he saw Ellis raping an unconscious woman.

The investigation is temporarily blocked when Ellis' father shows up. To make matters worse, Patrick Griffin is Olivia's ex-partner, and he thinks she owes him a favor because years ago he covered for her after she was accused of stealing money from a suspect that she was alone with.

Patrick continually tries to get Olivia to make this go away and she won't. He is convinced the system is rigged against his son and that Ellis is innocent. Barba offers Ellis a plea: Rape 3, no jail time, and he has to apologize. Ellis agrees against his father's wishes but rips up the apology, apparently changing his mind.

The trial continues and the defense suddenly presents an alibi witness. Olivia confronts Patrick, aware that he paid off a former informant. Patrick again insists Olivia make this go away.

Barba questions the witness about his connection to Patrick and Ellis suddenly jumps up and announces he is sick of this and he's guilty and he apologizes. The judge calls everyone into chambers and Patrick tries to follow but Ellis kicks him out.

Ellis pleads guilty and is sentenced to 24 months in jail, disappointing protesters who think he's getting off easy. Patrick tells Olivia he was trying to protect his son. She tells him to be there for Ellis while he is in jail. He tells her she should have made this go away. Olivia tearfully says she wishes Patrick had never covered for her.

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On Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 5, Benson is put in a difficult spot when she investigates a police sergeant's son who is accused of rape.

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