On Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 2, Barba prepares what should be an airtight case against Carl Rudnick, but Rudnick's lawyers have other ideas.

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On Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 2, Carl Rudnick is arrested for the murders after an extensive manhunt, but convicting him may not be as easy as DA Barba thinks it should be. Rudnick quickly hires two lawyers who aren't above playing dirty, and they work to suggest that almost every witness has an ulterior motive to convict Rudnick of murders that he didn't commit.

Rudnick appears to be winning his case despite the evidence against him, leaving Barba disgusted and frustrated. Desperate for more info after Rudnick's lawyers attempt to make a deal that would allow him to serve little jail time, Barba sends Rollins to prison alone to talk to Yeats again. Yeats correctly deduces something about Rollins that she is not happy about.

While Rollins struggles with her personal dilemma, the trial continues. Rudnick takes the stand and spins a story that makes him sound sympathetic and remorseful to the jury. But then Rollins gets an idea, and she and Sonny find some new evidence at the last minute that allows Barba to get the conviction he seeks.

Watch Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 2 online to find out what smoking gun Rollins and Sonny uncover and how the case unfolds.

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On Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 2, Barba faces some slick lawyers in court while Rollins tries to get a confession, but finds shocking info instead.

Rating: 3.5 / 5.0 (10 Votes)
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Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 2 Quotes

Sonny: You all right?
Rollins: Why wouldn't I be?
Sonny: Usually you're two steps ahead of me and I've never seen you queasy at a crime scene.

It was quite possible I was going to be a father and he took that from me.