Watch Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 5 online in order to witness the story of a college porn star who gets sexually assaulted by delusional classmates that can't seem to distinguish fantasy from reality.

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Watch Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 5, "Pornstar's Requiem," in order to witness the adaptation of real life college porn star Bella Knox's story.

Evie Barnes first started using poronography to help pay for college when her father was ill, and has since continued to do so under an alternate persona. Once classmates Matt and Daniel discover her secret, they force themsleves upon her in a locked bathroom.

Daniel films this incedint, claiming that it was all arranged and that Evie's behavior in the video is not dissimilar to her acts in her poronos. Matt, however, eventually confess to being manipulated by Daniel at first and only realizing the extent of his actions after the fact.

Matt claims that Daniel made it appear to be conseual filming for a porno of their own, and only revealed that it was rape after Evie left, crying. He admits in court that he believes it was rape.

Watch Law & Order: SVU online to see how Benson and the squad get the case to court, where Barba goes head to head with the ruthless Buchanan.

Although Barba initially wins the case, proving Daniel guilty, the Judge decides to overturn the verdict (a very rare occurance). He claims that there was not sufficient evidence to prove Evie's "no" as not part of her performance like in prior films. He warns her to respect her body in the future, and clears Daniel of all charges.

Such misunderstanding and abuse pushes Evie to the brink of sanity and she flees the college (which was in the process of expelling her anyways) and city to New England - where she seems to have wholly embraced her sorried lifestyle. Her future does not look bright, and despite Rollins best attemtps to bring her back from the edge, she turns her back on the society that's wronged her.

Watch Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 5, "Pornstar's Requiem," to witness the Bella Knox inspired tale of Evie Barnes.

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On Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 5, "Pornstar's Requiem," a college porn star is sexually assaulted when fellow students confuse fantasy and reality.

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