Watch Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 14 online in order to see what happens when men mistakes video games for reality, and mix that with misogyny.

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Watch Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 14 online in order to see what happens when men mistakes video games for reality, and mix that with misogyny.

Benson talks to her therapist about how much she's loving life nowadays, but how she worries for Noah's future.

The rest of the squad is at a gaming convention and notice that there is a game being made out of one of their old cases.

Another woman gets harassed by sexist men at her booth, and then cornered in the bathroom. Rollins takes to her and asks her what happened -- she says the men "level'd up."

They were at the IBL finals, and Fin says that something like this has never happened. Rollins says Sarah told her that there were always guys who didn't like girls in gaming.

She says that those guys are KOBS (kill or be slaughtered) addicts, who didn't like games like the ones Sarah's boss, Rena, makes.

Fin and Rollins talk to Rena, but she seems super busy and doesn't believe any real threat has taken place. They also meet and talk to her husband.

Glasgow man was the serial killer that got his own game. One of the developers that the team knew from that case itself, came to give them information about the girl that was attacked.

Fin and Carisi set up a sting and capture the two guys who attacked Sarah.

They have Sarah identify the men in a lineup.

Their arrest goes viral, and other KOBS think that they were falsely accused.

As Rena is on live TV, trying to discuss her game, NYPD seems to raid into her apartment.

It turns out to be a prank call that got police to raid their house -- it's called being "swat'd."

Rena and Steven come into the office to discuss the threats being made at Rena.

Rena refuses to give into what she calls cyber-terrorism, and doesn't want to lose her spot as the face of women in gaming.

She doesn't want to postpone the rollout of her game.

As Rena is revealing her game, people start teasing her with laser points. As SVU takes care of that, the lights go out.

The masked men kidnapped Rena, and Carisi tackles a fleeing suspect. He's relatively innocent, and says they were only told to use laser pointers and so forth.

The kidnappers broadcast their victory on a large screen.

They find the van Rena was kidnapped and try to locate the men.

There is a live stream of the men reaching different "levels." This is a game to them. They physically abuse Rena on cam, and get ready to sexually assault her.

The team has difficulty figuring out where the stream is coming from.

The team bring in one of the assailants mothers to get more information. She's in disbelief but cooperates.

They find Rena with a gun taped to her hand, set up to potentially be killed by the SWAT team.

One of the men pulls a gun on Carisi, and Fin steps in just in time. He tells the guy to drop his weapon, but he's too far gone. Fin ends up having to kill the man to save Carisi.

Watch Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 14 online and see a whole mix of current events be reflected in this video-game driven story.

Episode Details

On Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 14, a crime scene occurs at a big video-game convention after a woman launches her new game and one of her employees is killed.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 14 Quotes

Rollins: Okay, so because her fiance has money, that means she has doesn't have any talent.
Fin: To them.

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FIn: They are not noobs!
Rollins: Noobs?
Fin: That means they aren't newbies.