Watch Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 4 online in order to witness the new deputy chief clash with Sergeant Benson while an Elliot Rodger based bike messenger wreaks havoc. Watch online to witness the headlines influenced mayhem unfold before your very eyes.

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Watch Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 4, "Holden's Manifesto," online in order to witness the Elliot Rodger type psychopath, Holden March, wreack havoc under the guise of being mistreated and ignored his whole life.

A bike messenger by day, Holden March works on a video and written manifesto throughout this intense episode, as he moves from victim to victim - building up his violence along the way. His violent act of stabbing them coinciding with the age of his victim when they supposedly denied him (eleven, and fifteen in two different cases). He quickly develops a knack for murder and upgrades to automatic weapons, eventually ending up at his old high school where he once had a crush on his English teacher.

His step-parents help Sergeant Benson narrow down Holden's list of potential targets from his manifesto. Watch online as Holden takes the classroom hostage, before finally being taken down.

Simultaneously, Sergeant Benson deals with the hospitalization of baby Noah, her adopted son. Due to his trautmatic history, the two year old alreay has several health complications. Social workers berate Benson as she attempts to keep a stable mind and balance her job and watch over Noah at the hospital. This takes a large toll on her psyche.

In the classroom, where the final confrontation takes place, Amaro and Rollins try to negotiate with an armed Holden. In an intense scene, Rollins is forced to handcuff Amaro to the desk. They try to penetrate his defenses, and develop a rapport. This causes Holden to seemingly soften up, but he ends up turning the gun on Rollins.

Watch Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 4 online to witness how Rollins expertly disengages Holden, only to have his brains blows on to her face because of the headstrong new deputy chief's orders.

Episode Details

In Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 4, a brand new Deputy Chief expresses doubts about Benson's leadership abilities as she juggles work and motherhood.

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